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Method for increasing website profit and flow

There are 2 ways to increase the profit and flow of my website. These methods come from home and abroad, the purpose of sorting out is to get your response. Tell me the advantages and disadvantages of these methods, your application and suggestions. So many people will benefit.

determine all of your connections are normal. The broken connection will reduce the site in the search engine ranking. Test your online order. Test all you can think of. Make sure your site has free content or other free items so that visitors can stay a little longer.

few sites * visit visitors can get enough orders to get enough profit. If you want to have a long and successful online business, you definitely need to get customer information to follow up.

however, in general the Internet business, I think that as long as the list can be dedicated to the collection of e-mail. A lot of money to make web site owners, have a common discovery: their income and the number of e- mail list they are proportional. Please note that the number of names listed here is not to buy.


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