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The five rule to solve problems without keyword ranking

chain is too little to keep up with the rhythm of no effect, also the construction of the chain some friends is three days fishing nets two days of drying, not a law nor Cheng Fangyuan, here I suggest friends every day to their station to do three to five high quality of the chain number, come down for a long time and the quality of your web site outside the chain is also very impressive, ranking will certainly go up.

Three, there is no Take a lot of time every day to

(1) quality is low

practitioners actually every day is very busy, constantly updated website content, looking for the chain better, thinking about how to strive for a better ranking closure. But many owners have encountered this problem, he worked hard to do for several months, the ranking is hovering in dozens more, do not know how to do next. Standers-by see more than gamesters., in fact, jumped out of the work, we will find a lot of problems, the author will share with you to solve the no five rule ranking keywords.

Shanghai dragon

The Of course the

in the chain must be found, can not be too much or too little, fully from the perspective of the user experience, what keywords can do, where to do the best in the chain, is not the graphic form more attractive than text alone. All you need in the chain of Shanghai Longfeng practitioners carefully from the user point of view to building their own websites. The analysis in the chain is qualified can start from the bounce rate, if your inner chain jump out rate is very high, so have to wonder whether there is a problem in the chain.


rule keywords >

many friends in the chain of the above construction, no matter what its website and forum first link again in the course of time, in fact you outside of the chain is very fragile and easily accept many of the chain website or forum search engines are not included in the capital, and even a lot of websites forum no update unattended, you release more chain is of no avail in the above, so the quality of the chain is very important, the chain can not only to bring good rankings can bring traffic, so our friends in the aspects of the construction of the chain to pay more attention to the quality is high enough, there is no value.

practitioners in Shanghai dragon to new rankings when the spirit of "content is king, the chain for emperor" Jianghu cheats, all in X treasure or some links to their website trading website to buy hundreds of thousands of the chain, it is meaningless or even dangerous, see you is a search engine a new station and night out hundreds of thousands of the chain, will judge you for cheating, there is the risk of K.


rule two, the chain is reasonable

rule, the amount of the chain

chain is in the website optimization experience is a good way to meet the demand of secondary users, like the elevator railing timeout why put a bunch of snacks, the purpose is to stimulate consumption.

The construction of

(2) the number is not more or less


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