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The role of the chain and how to do the chain

in the practical work is mainly to determine the quality of wheat new Links through the following aspects: 1, Links page pr. Correlation between the 2, Links website with their own website. This is a very important search engine, if your website is a cosmetics website, while the other site is a site of heavy machinery, so the effect is not very good. Number 3, Links page links. If you do too much Links, the effect will inevitably decline. Update 4, Links page. If the Links page content often update, search engines often to grab this page, then the effect is better. If it is a separate Links page, not what content updates, the effect will be relatively poor. 5, web page snapshot date. The snapshot date reflects other website weight and update rate, the better the more the new snapshot date. 6, Links site Alexa ranking, included, the chain number etc.. >


and share with you can leave the chain where, to assist Shanghai Longfeng website optimization. A Links,


site outside the chain optimization purposes there are two, one is to enhance the site’s weight, the other one is to improve the site keywords ranking. The new wheat think website weight is a more general concept, is often expressed as a number of technical indicators, such as the PR value of the site, the website included snapshot date number, website. If the weight of the website effectively improved, will have more chance to be recommended so as to enhance the search engine, web site traffic and increase the corresponding income. The website keywords ranking for enterprise website is the most direct, if you can get some products or services to optimize keyword search results page, can bring a lot of potential customers for the enterprise accurate.

the role of the chain: we all know that Shanghai dragon is nothing more than the content and the chain. The success of a site, 50% depends on the chain, the chain effect on site is very large, to do the chain, put some foundation work, you will succeed, today we look together to do the chain

Links is undoubtedly the best effect of the chain, in some cases a Links effect might be equivalent to hundreds or even thousands of Forum on the role of the chain, so to significantly enhance the website weight and keywords ranking, the most effective way is to get the weight of the Links.

chain mainly has two forms, one is the URL link, the other is the anchor text link. The main role is to accelerate the link of the website, the main role is to enhance the link anchor text keywords ranking. The anchor text link function is superior to the URL, because anchor text links not only contains all functional links, but also played a role in promoting the keyword ranking. In general, only to be able to click on a hyperlink is a valid chain, one can not click on the text in the form of Web site is not effective outside chain.

The following


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