What is the core of the Shanghai Dragon


Shanghai dragon friends will hear a lot about Shanghai Longfeng operation method is correct while also difficult to tell which method, which is wrong.

"to live is to do something meaningful, do something meaningful is a good living." This is the "shock troops" in XuSanDuo think the meaning of life.

if this is the case, Meng Zeyu recommended, with the theory of value type Shanghai dragon "to judge: if I were a user, whether the operation is of great value to me? If there is value, then the operation can be executed; if no value is to abandon this practice.

"difference value information" and "content / value" is: content and products to meet the needs of users, and valuable information to inform users of this product can meet your needs. Therefore, only to find places where people gather this information to tell the user that is of value.

Shanghai dragon? This question as "what is the meaning of life, there is no standard answer.

station optimization with the value of Shanghai dragon "theory to explain is: do the valuable content to users or products.

as "the meaning of life is to do something". Meng Zeyu believes that the core of Shanghai dragon is of value to the users of things, this is the theory of "value type" Shanghai dragon.

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What is the core of the

station optimization part, whether it is to do the original content, user experience, and optimize the structure of the site, its only one purpose: to attract customers, retain customers. Only keep the user, website PV, IP, UV, and other data to search out rate has improved, is conducive to the keywords ranking.

if you do the medical industry, only the medical information is to tell patients to help him to tell the news, if a healthy person, is advertising or junk information.

Shanghai dragon is nothing more than two points: the station optimization, station optimization.

1, what is "the value of Shanghai dragon" theory

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return to the construction of the chain, only to find the chain resources related to the chain is the most effective.

station optimization (chain construction) with "the value of Shanghai dragon" theory to explain is: provide users with valuable information.

2, how to understand the value of Shanghai dragon "theory

3, the value of Shanghai dragon theory what is the significance of Shanghai dragon


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