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The Shanghai dragon is the focus of optimization ranking or brand sales

this is the first key right Shanghai Longfeng optimization strategy, in fact, get good rankings, in order to make the website to help more users, in fact is to let the website light emitted to the needs of each user on the heart, this is a kind of love feelings, so we do in the optimization of time Shanghai dragon no matter where, ranking, in which place, must maintain a good user experience, let users to our website, you can immediately feel everywhere for help, and this kind of experience, need from many of the details can be achieved!

is limited by the inherent mode of thinking, many webmaster to make their site ranking as soon as possible up to the home page, through a variety of methods can not be urgent to do the construction, the construction of the chain website, you can make the content of the web site through the Internet in the high streets and back lanes for a short time, natural website ranking it therefore gone up, but many owners have found that after this ordeal, although the site of the rankings, but the website traffic is not what improvement, needless to say, the website traffic conversion rate! Many owners worry unceasingly, the root causes of the problems caused by this is because Shanghai did not seize the core content of Longfeng optimization! It is the user experience and marketing!

for the same content to reflect the user experience, rather than a simple keyword, because a lot of people in the study of search engine, general keyword density is bigger, more easy to fall in love with the sea included, but also given higher weights, this gives the webmaster want to take a shortcut provides an opportunity but the pure keyword stuffing ", although be included, but its ability to attract users and how to make a compliment? So the content construction still should be people-oriented, can give a good user.

: a website promotion is essential, to enhance the user experience is to

The construction of

is now running the site webmaster friends, if you do not know Shanghai Longfeng optimization, it will be laughed at already outdated, but in the eyes of many owners, Shanghai dragon optimization in fact that the rank of the website to get home, the best to get the first, this optimization ability is the highest level, but the author believes that the optimization is not only the Shanghai dragon website ranking rose so simple, but through Shanghai Longfeng optimization, to help the site to achieve real sales, but also be able to harvest a good brand image is the key, so the Shanghai dragon can be successful optimization optimization!


such as web design, a good website design, website optimization Shanghai dragon in addition to meet the requirements, also need to reflect the people-oriented thought, if you have to make a website architecture southpaws habits, it will encounter a lot of criticism, because you violated the domestic majority right handed the habits, if not strictly in accordance with the goal to optimize the user’s habits, it is difficult to obtain a high degree of user experience!


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