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The noble baby to create the perfect custom search site search engine


version of choice: of course select "Standard Edition: free, but need to display ads on the results page."

1, landed aristocracy baby custom search, select new search engine.






3, select or custom style. Here each style you can choose, select in the "try your search engine" can be displayed in the immediate result. Select and click next.

The three step to apply for

2, enter your search engine settings page, follow the steps below.

, a noble baby Custom Search Account

two, noble baby custom search


are essential in all sites in the "search" function, this function can be very convenient to help others find the necessary articles and relevant content on our website. The frequent "search", we need to call the database resources, increasing the burden on the server. Today, and we will all a hideous mess together, this "burden" on to the noble baby, with Google powerful nobility baby custom search engine function for our website service.

check "I have read and agree to accept the terms of service", and click next.


the definition of your search engine: Here we enter on the station search site. (note to remind the search site to complete the format: www.i7086贵族宝贝/*

to describe your search engine to your site search and add name, description, please select the language for Chinese simplified.

, enter the access code page 4. "Congratulations! You have successfully created a" search search engine all a hideous mess. "." Please be sure to record, only I> search engine

1, you need to first landed nobility baby custom search account application page: 贵族宝贝 noble baby贵族宝贝.hk/cse/, and click on the upper right corner of the "register" button to register. If you have a Google account, you can log in directly.

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2, fill in the account registration information necessary, and agreed to accept the nobility baby service terms and privacy policy, create your account.


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