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How to serve the website search engine search engine service is for their own services.

service search engine search engine, search engine can be said to be currently all Internet applications in one of the highest technical content, although its application form is very simple: the user input keywords, the search engine returns the search results. But to count households billion to provide accurate search results, which contains the technology very much. In general, the wooden Shanghai dragon believes the search engine technology can be said to be the hope of achieving the goal: bigger, faster and more accurate.

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is the number of web pages from indexing, search engines want to index a wider and more comprehensive information to the user before the show, so that we can have more in the screening process to meet the user’s things; most of the technical direction faster this goal is through search engines, such as indexing technology, caching technology search engines want faster information, summed up the show to the user; and more hope criterion is displayed to the user’s information not only, it is important to meet the users, allowing users to trust. How to make search results more accurate is the most important goal. Whether sorting technology or link analysis technology or technology or user research, the ultimate goal is to make search results more accurate, in order to enhance the user experience. For a search engine, to achieve more and faster can make it not behind similar products, but if you can do more, is to build the core competitive ability.

1. overall, since the search engine for a keyword need more comprehensive content, so the site should be more comprehensive, covering all aspects of the key words, continue to dig the long tail keywords related keywords, rich content, to ensure that the website can exist without what others website. And not only the website content must be comprehensive, the content on the page is enough to complete enough full, so that the user through a search engine to your site is also can get more comprehensive and more comprehensive information.

2. help search engines crawl faster, faster index. To ensure the stability of the web server first, active website optimization of loading speed, at the same time, the website content labels, titles are all around the keywords, and keywords to ensure that the site does not exist more relevant, irrelevant information, true to show the user demand information, such as.

there are many webmaster very afraid of search engines in the process of optimized website, search engine is the feeling of emperor, the day is far away, beware of a search engine. In fact, the search engine is working, every day at work does not stop, to meet the needs of users. So don’t be afraid of the search engine, website and search engine goal is the same, is to get the user and search engine, we should, from the perspective of a search engine to service in the search engine, why do you say that? The road to listen to me slowly.

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How to serve the


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