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  • The nternet business dividend loss, the enterprise T business in the spring to comeSeveral models

The nternet business dividend loss, the enterprise T business in the spring to comeSeveral models

game making money, basically, the above four models, of course, there are other, here are not enumerated, >

"spring" – this is not just a spring in the sense of meteorology, but also the spring of an enterprise IT start-up company. Titanium media from the following four aspects, including market size, national policy, technology and industrial development trends, for the industry’s spring notes.

Wangzhuan, born with the Internet, of every hue Wangzhuan is everywhere, but playing the game is more interesting, more play head to do Wangzhuan! Station, not SEO, as long as you are familiar with the operation and play a game, you can. This is fulfilled: one side of the Internet, while playing the game, while making money, three do not mistake ah. Play games to make money, what are the points? Here summarizes a few points, welcome to testify,

IT orange figures: as of November 2014, the domestic hot financing situation of enterprise services, about 14% of the company to get B round of financing, including financing early round of angel and A, up to 74%

the operation, some game companies just to promote the game, it is probably a promotional advertising, game player how much money, this is the game CPA, needless to say how to do, oh. CPS is in the game, play the game, you take charge of other game player you have to RMB, commission, this is more interesting, it is huge, if you get in the game, a gang, you are the boss, you can then allow them to charge money, such a day to earn one hundred yuan is still relatively easy however, this and his personality, in the game is generally more loyal talent friends

gaming, and sell the number, some are not the same, but similar in nature. Gaming is a industry, there are many such Dailian studio for the majority of game player service. Sell good understanding, when you number practices to a certain extent, can be replaced with the money, we can sell, generally have hundreds of above, sell is not fun, like wow, dream, those legendary niubable, selling is thousands more, if it is a professional selling. A month in a thousand, also enough,

this is one of the most common ways to make money playing a game, any game will have a gold exchange rate and RMB, you can brush out how much gold, and then through the transaction, RMB, this is the game coin money, a bit like peasants, leave their own food, and then sold to surplus, sell game currency, the game can choose to play, the best choice to open the game and can hang up, open the computer brush money, a bit like a hook project.



March 2015, the domestic mobile CRM start-up company sales easily announced $15 million C round of financing.

third, sell number money free

The ;

software giant Oracle spent $40 billion about 1/4 of its market value to acquire CRM, the flagship cloud Salesforce as of now, the news has not yet been confirmed;


so what happened to enterprise services this spring,

enterprise collaboration tool Slack on the line a year transcripts, with more than 30 thousand team users, active users over 500 thousand;


recently and a few enterprise IT business friends, we invariably mentioned a word: "spring" spring weather it is not pure sense, but also the enterprise IT company spring. It may be a lot of people for the enterprise IT product in the end is what some confused, in short, the enterprise IT products for enterprise level IT service, for example, we ordinary people to use WeChat, micro-blog, this is a personal level of IT products, and WeChat micro-blog team development is required for maintenance of hardware and software are the enterprise IT service level.

first, sell game currency earn RMB


this is somewhat like the game currency, but the difference is that to have good equipment, weapons and the level of your game number is related, usually you more advanced, you can make valuable equipment, weapons. It sells weapons, in some games, is especially valuable, such as: Fantasy Westward Journey, Denon eight, legend, these are the money game ah, if you can get the best inside, and then sell the renminbi, but that "make the number of days since a say.

fourth, play games, CPA and CPS advertising, make money

Not many people seem to According to the

for a long time, the enterprise IT market capital is ignored and neglected by the media, this is the worldwide "" say Guaixiang Guaixiang, because the market has been seriously underestimated, undervalued to what extent? We all know that the Internet business has always been the focus of attention of the media and the body of capital, but now the Internet enterprise certainly not escape two profit model: advertising and games. Look at the shlf1314 and Facebook earnings. At least 90% of the revenue comes from online advertising. In BAT,

application performance, Monitor Company, New, Relic, data mining company Hortonworks, cloud storage and collaboration company Box has been listed;

enterprise market is an undervalued market for

if the "known" to analyze the phenomenon, that is how to treat the "global enterprise IT business ushered in the spring?", the following four aspects, including market size, national policy, technology and industry development trend for the industry in the spring do.

second, selling games inside equipment weapons earn RMB


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