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On the website of the big three Title mportance

method Keywords <

website keyword selection and writing directly affect the site’s ranking, so we need to analyze the website keywords in the website before, do not think it is a good choice of the moment, and later found the website keywords did not bring much traffic or profits immediately changed, it is not friendly to search engines, so set before to be earnest in earnest, calligraphy methods such as < meta name= "Keywords" content= "1 words, 2 words, 3 words" /> here it is necessary to pay attention to key words and keywords with English (half) the comma. The target keywords do not set too much, found that many sites have set up a dozen of these are the page weight >

2.; keywords>

nice to meet you, and I share my months through the webmaster network training and experience of Shanghai dragon, if have a wrong place welcome to point out, learn from each other.

site title not accumulation of keywords or a keywords are not, when looking for information you love Shanghai, in the search box enter the keyword after several headings must contain keywords we input, this also means that I didn’t set the title to our keywords reasonable inside, do don’t put too much weight keywords are placed on the title page that will disperse. Generally more common title such as < title> 1_ 2_ – 3 keywords keywords keywords own website brand < /title> here English state underlined, and website brand in front of lines and spaces, so writing is the only comprehensive user experience and appearance, does not mean to write Shanghai dragon best, at the same time you can use a comma or a English.

title; writing;

for the 3 major label Shanghai dragon whether new or old station are very important, although important but many webmaster friends are careless set, before I have no contact with Shanghai dragon when writing the title and most like the best, most cattle, the largest of these words in the heart, want people to see the best website must think the largest, the most cattle, in fact write these are a waste of resources, then contact Shanghai dragon I put the title, keywords, description are changed, the website is not easy to have the weight of not directly, even worse is to love Shanghai more than 1 months of assessment period, but now it has several keywords ranking in the home page, so I wrote this article to you must think of yourself in the title of the website before, and I found it not as late as if To go to change will be very painful, but before the efforts will be in vain, in order not to let my tragedy happen to everybody who, today and share writing website three Shanghai dragon label and attention points

1. < title>


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