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Love Shanghai recent changes and changes in the layout algorithm to enhance the user experience

just experienced the search engine wars love Shanghai, also need to enhance their quality of search results to promote the love of Shanghai’s image in the majority of Internet users, user experience no matter what search engines are equally important, good user experience is to provide high quality information users need most in the first this is the time, search engines should do, only in this way the user will need next time remember this search engine, or only a result, may never lose the users, for users with which search engines are the same, mainly with their use of a cool. You can find what you want, and in fact, to the store to buy things, if you trust this store, spend more money will feel It is the value of your users the goods to his advantage.


worth together, before the search, Shanghai love Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon training and Shanghai dragon words, "love Shanghai reminds you: Shanghai dragon is a very important work, please refer to the recommendations about love Shanghai Shanghai dragon" is in the following promotion results, now as mentioned in the search results.

see this article today in Wang Tong teacher’s blog, do not say that the content is true, but in recent months, including some from Shanghai Longfeng discussion group in the discussion of some of the large flow of advertising on the site can be seen above may be mostly true.

recently found love Shanghai more humane and considerate. If you are a Shanghai dragon worker, so you should find that, love the sea except in the end of last month the change of image search function to increase the effectiveness of image zoom so that users can directly see the picture effect, nearly two days and in the search results page second adds a personal nature of things, that is part of the relevant search words referred to the top of the search results page second search results, why should we do this? In a sense, love Shanghai is accuracy in the search keywords upgrade, through the first page of the search results are not accurate to show to the user’s information needs, then the equivalent in the search results page second in the first time to narrow the search, so as to enhance the quality of search results, the more accurate search results show to the user, this is a great improvement, Although also have before, but only at the bottom of the search results, the frequently used search engines are rarely click on those, but the love of Shanghai do guide in the most prominent position, the first page can not find the information you need, not narrow the search scope is your own problem. At the same time in the site traffic will search results page second ranking reduced this to do the Shanghai dragon who is equivalent to increase the difficulty, why? Because a website flow also play a role in the relationship between word website ranking, ranking changes this can book a ticket booking system page from the railway to prove.



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