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On 2011, four categories of the most stable high quality chain

Witkey websites, most people know, but don’t know how to send the chain, do not know how to send a link, but also do not think the effect is how. Maybe a lot of people in search of many key can see Witkey website information, we can imagine the Witkey website what is the situation in Shanghai dragon. At the same time, the search engine on the Witkey website included crawling is also very frequent, generally can reach a few minutes included, so the chain effect of these sites is very good, because the current is very few people here know outside the chain, and the effect is not absolutely than classification information the net difference. Take zhubajie贵族宝贝, on this site you can in one day send 10 effective and it can be said that the chain will not be deleted, if even a week will be able to reach nearly 100. "

second: classification information network

government websites should be the most high quality of the chain, before a lot of people are summed up a lot of the chain can send the government forum, but continue to send in many have not. Because most of the government websites are not how to manage it, some even a few years are not management, so we can go outside the chain. Now the State Council requires all attention to the government website management, many government websites have special administrator, the chain will greatly increase the difficulty. But there are still a part of the government website, with skills can be made, and it is very stable, such as the Henan government forum, basically is easy to hair.

third: Witkey websites

first class: government website

classified information network can be said to be outside the chain in 2011 the most popular gathering place, the first time to send some link is very easy to pass, after the audit is more and more strict, but as long as the quality of the audit by the weight of the chain is also high, you can not imagine. Leave the link, for most of the classified information network is the most easily through the release of information in the recruitment area, every Shanghai dragon has been tested and found the rate of almost 95% above, the key lies in the recruitment of content you post must be complete, people do not see is the nature of the ads. But you are in a city after the release of information, your link will be automatically shared to the same level of the city, such as you in Zhengzhou released the information, he will share to Luoyang, go to Zhoukou, this is equal to you three or more of the chain.

Shanghai dragon is inevitable to pursue the chain, because it can be said that the chain is to ensure that the website ranking one of the most important decisive role. Many people are looking to release the chain website, but as more and more sites for the chain constraints, leading to less chain site and high quality the chain is very rare. Last 2011, in this year, what is the chain of high quality, is stable? Today Fanfan four categories Shanghai dragon talk about 2011 the most stable outside the chain of high quality what.


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