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Shanghai dragon in the optimization process we should understand what the basic details

third description information website. The description text is actually the extension and supplement for the website title and description for search engines is given Shanghai dragon Er more space to play, as far as possible to stand in the search engine of website theme and can cover the relevant information provided by the user of the organic one, we know that the title can only write about 30 Chinese characters 60 characters, which can describe the expansion will nearly double Shanghai dragon Er give us more space to play, natural and reasonable, the user experience is the key to our concern.

first, URL website address. Most of the time we in order to enhance the website ranking in the website optimization process, the most commonly used URL is the web site’s home page, but for the URL address we must understand that he is in addition to home outside any one can visit the web site address, this address is the website home page, column page and channel page can also be content page, we need to to improve the weight that page in the construction of the chain can release the page address, similarly, if you need to contact us, such as shielding company profile and so on a single page, can use the robots in accordance with the rules of shielding love Shanghai or Google’s shield weight so you can focus on our website.

second, the website title is the first entrance spiders and users. The website title is when users search the first glance to see things, "title information is very important, it is used to tell the user and search engine is the main theme of" what is the access to the general reader bytitle can roughly determine the content of this website is not the information they need, so when we write the title of the website how to effectively integrate the main keywords and does not affect the user experience of reading is that we should pay attention to the problem.

fourth, picture description is a picture of the eye. ALT tag description information is actually a picture of the picture when the search engine in the capture of the website information, if caught pictures. He wouldn’t know what it is, because the search engine is currently still can not identify the meaning of the picture and text on the picture, a very important attribute of ALT tag is the picture, and the intended use the picture related text to tell the search engines and the specific meaning of the picture represents what mean, let the spider more quickly to understand the information on the website pictures, no doubt.

as everyone knows, website optimization is a very detail oriented technology, especially for the optimization of current search engines love Shanghai, we have many before the strategy changes with the current love Shanghai algorithm upgrade, from 2010 to 2012, the content for the emperor King chain optimization idea deeply in every old webmaster heart in 2013, Shanghai experienced several big love algorithm upgrade, the author thinks that the present site optimization strategy has been made by Christine Fan to the details of the optimization category, well below the author and share the current web site optimization process we need to understand the details.


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