Shanghai Longfeng do need to start from what

Shanghai Longfeng optimization also has a period of time, there are always some Adsense asked me why my website ranking is couldn’t get on, what a fast shortcut? I want to tell you is that this is not what to do in Shanghai dragon industry shortcut, mainly to see the Shanghai dragon Er personnel it is the innovation mentality, mindset and strong execution. In Shanghai dragon in this industry is often the case, some keywords can quickly get good rankings, some keywords for several months or even a year did not get the desired ranking, or even what improvement, so many people choose to have the same industry. I want to say is, if you choose this industry and do not give up, if well done easily do not call Shanghai Longfeng, unless the search engine is home to open. So don’t worry about the keyword ranking float, because the search engine in constantly improve themselves, adjust the algorithm!

we have heard about the interest is the best teacher, especially in the Shanghai dragon forming industry, we must constantly learning in this industry in order to stand down, so as not to be eliminated, if there is no basic interest, it is difficult to survive in this industry.

do not aimlessly Shanghai dragon to do, must have a fixed mode of thinking, to work everything in good order and well arranged.

Shanghai Longfeng industry, we must first determine the choice, the cause of it, not because of a hot head, is not seen as certain website to obtain the number of interests through the Shanghai dragon, mainly to see your resolution, then your interest.

believe that many people know, no matter what things must be made to implement the work plan, follow the prescribed order. If aimlessly do often with, this is what I want to say, no matter what kind of work have their own fixed mode of thinking, work everything in good order and well arranged to complete the work efficiency, to achieve the goal. We want to make Shanghai Longfeng this industry is a chore, not only more trivia, workload is very large, so how to do a good job in planning. Especially under the condition of a limited number of staff. To be more >

is interested in obtaining the success of the biggest bargaining chip, as long as you in this industry has always maintained a strong interest, then the keywords ranking floating will not make you feel too much trouble, contrary to what you’d like to see keywords ranking changes, from the research and analysis of the latest adjustment from the search engine algorithm drive and direction. This should be a sentence, a real Shanghai dragon ER see keywords ranking floating is a kind of unspeakable impulse, and can quickly formulate the implementation plan the next step. If there is such a phenomenon that was mentally and physically exhausted, unable to get up after a fall, I want to tell you that you can leave the industry, because of you this attitude in this industry is not likely to be successful. So you must be clear why choose this industry, is the head, is the interest of jealousy or real interest!


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