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Shanghai dragon auxiliary artifact in Sohu since 100% successful secret media

has been engaged in the work of Shanghai dragon to transition the cock is easier said than done, fools have fortune met an elegant, boring blog when found in a very attractive blog, that is Cen Huiyu, after the exchange found that people can talk about anything, never hide, tell him about me the situation, he told me to get from the media, first built a blog, named Zhangqiu Shiji peak Shanghai Longfeng blog, operating for a long time and no traffic, then ask old Cen, he said you rely on this station traffic is in vain, to enter several media platform.


now since the media in the Internet more and more popular, since the media is also a lot of Shanghai dragon transformation is one of the main aspects, the cock engaged in Shanghai Longfeng is a few years, try to from the media industry.


senior members should understand my situation now, do Shanghai dragon in the enterprise, the boss to see your ranking, ranking we say can count? I love Shanghai is open to you? He can guarantee that he can not afford to think of the boss?? the boss a month salary to hire thousands of blocks if you love Shanghai update, ranking did not, he would have to talk to you, in bad dude that face unemployment tragedy, in order to leave yourself a way, I’m going to do from the media.



click, the examination is not passed! The reason is that this "supplementary material" to write ah.

is my personal blog, it certainly is no doubt to individual settled, the point of the individual, according to the requirement of a writing, time to fill in the auxiliary materials began to rip force, other requirements settled public platform links, this is so difficult, it’s the first time to engage in where there will be well, but fortunately I did with the Sina skyline, can only fill this, try it on.


certainly no problem. "


finished application started in the account, see all four forms can be settled in:

well, a little digression ha, thank you guys can see here, to tell you about how I was quickly settled in Sohu from the media. You may wonder, why should we settled Sohu from the media and from the media is the largest Sohu? Sometimes high audit with anchor text links and the pass rate, and in the search engine rankings better. Whether you are doing the ranking or exposure included, Sohu is the weapon of choice for you from the media.

I’d like to ask the old Cen, his words point out the cock, the original credit card personal media requirements strictly, easy to be pass~, since the media enterprises try. When it comes to business from the media, you must have told me the same wonder, you is my personal blog can make enterprise


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