The correlation of how to make a website

content, after our website theme, the content is based on the theme of the central axis of the. For example, A5 is the webmaster nets, then all around the station to start, there are news, interviews, webmaster webmaster webmaster experience, marketing experience, the owners need the domain name, space, construction, promotion means, Shanghai Dragon Technology and so on. The correlation between these directions can be said to be very well established. If a web site to a human body, these large column is the skeleton of the body. Next we have to do, is to hematopoiesis, in the skeleton flesh. The specific content of these columns is our flesh and blood.

The correlation between

said above we link the correlation, the correlation generally have two forms, one is the continuation of this piece of content, one is related to this article. What is the name of this article continues? Such as the 20 Shanghai dragon skills within the chain, an article corresponding author may introduce all out too long, he needs to be divided into 4 articles to introduce, this is the continuation of this article. There is a, such as we introduce a company or person, this person or company information is constantly released. For example, some time ago is the fire millet mobile phone. In 2011 September, the forum built millet company, allowing users to grab a predetermined code, and at the same time, millet company also opened the Rice noodles meeting will have relevant reports, then grab the predetermined code information with millet company meeting will open report content not related, but, as a continuation of the predetermined grab the code will meet, where you can get information engineering machine such a correlation between. So the continuation of reports or extended reading is a very important content correlation. After all, Shanghai dragon.

website includes content relevance and link correlation correlation. Whether a site can be said to do perfect correlation directly reflects a level of Shanghai dragon er. So what should be how to do this?


we are specific to the Shanghai Dragon technology as an example, this column is a lot of people to write the original article. It is all about the detailed layout of Shanghai Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon, dragon chain chain, Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon soft Shanghai Longfeng tools to start. Then, in the establishment of art programming technology is stationmaster net content, but in this section is not appropriate. This is the website content relevance content level.

we can also be subdivided down, that is the relationship between Shanghai Longfeng technology column concrete in Shanghai Longfeng paper chain content. If this essay is that Shanghai dragon in chain how to allocate. With this article correlation link should all be analyzed such as how to do within the chain, the chain, the proportion of chain form etc.. But should not appear in the link between this article in the chain, how to find how to do the chain trap. This is the specific content of the content correlation level.


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