SS why we must study keywords

third, reduce the difficulty of optimization

find your website, and there is a certain amount of search keywords, don’t rush out of the most popular keywords, search for large amount of target keywords. For example: "lose weight", "pneumatic components such as the search volume is very large, and very competitive keywords. For our small and medium enterprises or individual stationmaster, these keywords do the top is very difficult. If there are 10 bidding advertising has front, even spell broken scalp up to do, is not what meaning. So we should choose those search volume keywords can also, but the competition is relatively small, so the website optimization is likely to have a good effect in a certain period and budget.


fourth, users search for diverse

first, determine whether the search target keyword promotion

website core keywords, must through research and analysis, these words are not target words in your website, is not a lot of people in the search. If the search volume is very low, even with this keyword ranking, there is not much significance. Especially those who did not come into contact with Shanghai dragon friends, will be used to the name of your company or product brand name as your target keywords. But neglected, when the company name and product brand is not known, but no one will go to search. Even if a lot of industry station name, look at the daily search volume is very much, but those who search keywords, but most dynamic in this industry, but do not want to buy some specific products. So the website development direction for the future target keywords, the wrong choice, then the impact will be very serious.

website optimization, too much emphasis on the Shanghai dragon, this is a mistake. Ranking and traffic, is not the ultimate goal. SEM is the ultimate goal of our website optimization, is to improve the site conversion rate. There are a lot of strength of the company to do the popular keyword ranking, ranking even very much, but also may not be able to convert a lot of orders. For example: "gynecological gynecological search", the user does not want to see a doctor, basic; "gynecological hospital", then targeted, is to find the hospital; "Ningbo gynecology hospital good?" and more clearly, and then to third party recommended hospital, the conversion rate is very high. The flow itself, it is not necessarily the assets, nothing is wasted, the unnecessary broadband customer service to pay, only when the real flow is converted to effective assets.

second, looking for effective flow

just learning to make friends, it is easy to make such a mistake. Get a website, just skip all of the relevant studies, no planned keywords started a web site. This situation will lead to two results. One is they think good keywords, the ranking is very good, but the flow is very low; and the keywords a situation will flow to how row not up. So we in the website before, must be studied for keywords.


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