Sina blog page not included reasons

Sina blog, was opened in four years ago, began to record some of the little drops of life, then as a result of the need, some began to reprint the website construction, network promotion and other related professional articles, have their own independent blog, and reproduced some articles related to the site of the Shanghai dragon. But after a long period of time, home suddenly not loved Shanghai included, thought is to adjust the layout of the content of the page, add a link to the station, after a period of time you will return. Until now the home did not restore included, must have other reasons.

excluding structural problems, then it must be a lack of content and the chain. The blogger currently only a Chengdu Shanghai dragon independent blog, Sina blog link is also the site, optimize the Sina blog only on a website, so content with each link is the same. The link is too single, the search engine according to the updated record and the content of Sina blog, to determine if the advertising account, like a long time, the blog included rate will become increasingly low.

often play the Sina blog should know before blog personal home URL will be in the form of classifying with a "U", but the background is a custom function of URL, URL address can be written to. Effect of page contains one of the reasons is that the change of the URL address, so if a page is not included, cannot but try not to modify the URL address. He Qiujing Sina blog does not exist in this case, because the address after the URL custom was included, but also did not make any changes to.


finally, there are plans to increase the number of the quality of the chain (although the chain is very difficult, but it is forced to do), external links to form the best anchor link. Here to tell you a chain is the weight of the site, sina asked. The same as the Sina below the channel section, the chain is relatively easier to add, but included also soon, but can only leave the text link, but it is considered lucky. The address: 贵族宝贝qiuing Shanghai dragon贵族宝贝/sina-blog-not-included-because.html reference please specify the source of

The author of the

solution is a blog website optimization, if bloggers like this, can not all blog update optimization site article, occasionally some pictures up, send a few life essays, or to put up some hot news, as some rich in content (but not dilute the theme). This can not only attract traffic, can dilute the concentration of advertising. This is really a good way.


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