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Shanghai dragon er you are still superstitious love Shanghai BR




from the above several groups of the site can be seen, the weight of love Shanghai love and webmaster network algorithm is not the same. Love is not to discredit the station or station network standard here is not good. Just want to take note: love Shanghai weight value lack of unified standards, will give the webmaster to judge the quality of your website to bring no small confusion. Specific performance in:







PR is a Google as everyone knows, hyperlink analysis technology patent. The weight but love the value of Shanghai’s so-called BR is not love their own products in Shanghai. Is the third party website invented. Which is a typical representative of the webmaster tools (www.chinaz贵族宝贝) and love station network (www.aizhan贵族宝贝) method can make nothing of it. But the observation, the BR value of a website and the website from Shanghai seems to love to get traffic, has a lot of Web site keywords ranking number and ranking, keyword search volume, quantity, the chain of the site of the chain website BR value etc..


station and love station network two stations is many webmaster frequented places. And have considerable influence in the industry. Naturally, many owners of the query weights believe love Shanghai. But many webmaster is not clear, because the station and Shanghai station network love love weights are their own algorithm based on the same site sometimes weight value of the query results in the two station will be a lot of difference. For example, you may be in the station to query the weight is 2, but in the love station query to weight is 5. so in this case you really believe that? Don’t believe? I just find a few station, please see the following results:



recently, when Links in exchange and some sites, often asked is "your website PR value and BR value of Shanghai love weight?" even said: "we don’t see the PR value now, just look at the BR value, BR value is lower than × × do not exchange links. "This. Not only the emotion, love Shanghai weights, you misled many webmaster



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