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must understand some of the basic algorithm of search engine. The search engine is vital algorithm, so they will not disclose any algorithm to the outside world. Even if there is love Shanghai official guide, Google Official Guide to what, it is only as a reference, of course, these parameters in

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continued to accumulate resources and connections. This should all understand, friends of the way to go. Shanghai Dragon technology is constantly updated, so the accumulation of certain connections, is very good for your ascension, to share the latest technology for the first time. There is resources, development of Shanghai dragon is more and more bottleneck, up to now, the fight is the resources, such as forums, blogs, classification of information, the accumulation of the chain resources rich, want to get the ranking is relatively easy.

to understand the space and domain name. How to resolve the domain name, space bound and other operations. Will be tested on space, if a site space is not stable, it is fatal for the optimization of personnel, Shanghai dragon Er to have how to choose a better space, keeping the site open, because if the space problem caused by the website search engine drop right or be punished, that it should not.

in Shanghai dragon has improved? Through the development in recent years, the network has become an essential part of people’s life and work. Moreover, most people have the habit of going to the search engine to find the answer to this problem, many companies and enterprises and even individuals bring great benefits, but also to do this at the same time, Shanghai Longfeng people provided jobs. Shanghai dragon industry in China can be said is still in its infancy stage, in other words there are great development space, so we should how to improve yourself in Shanghai dragon skills?

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: rejection reasons the readability is not high

skill is a must. One point to just contact Shanghai dragon and have no certain programming ability requirements should be very high, it also makes a lot of novice confused. However, if a Shanghai Longfeng framework for a site construction process and site do not understand, it is also how to debug frame? Merge operations such as DIV+CSS the code should be to deal with, or talk about what to optimize your code. At least as 301 permanent redirection, 404 error page, which is basically should grasp the.

How to make your own


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