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Mobile nternet entrepreneurs look 5 factors affect the vertical market capacity


any one of the mobile Internet business is always in a vertical market, in a vertical market, it can accommodate several platforms to survive, whether the entrant provides opportunity, this is a very interesting question, because it determines the strategic choice of the mobile Internet platform service provider. After research, we believe that the capacity of a vertical market is closely related to the following factors.

first, the user’s transfer costs.

user transfer costs include the user’s immersion in the use of Internet applications, the time and cost of the conversion and the cost of the use of tools. In general, the larger the user’s transfer costs in the market, the less the number of platforms required.

, for example, in the social relationship platform, whether using SNS or micro-blog, instant messaging, a user often have to invest some time and energy, to interact with their social connections, the user is generally deep immersion depth. In contrast, the user through the news portal to browse the news is much smaller depth of immersion. In layman’s terms, users can easily replace the news portal, but if the long-term investment time to establish a network of contacts, it is not so easy to abandon. From this we can draw a simple conclusion, that is, the social relations market platform capacity, significantly less than the number of online news market can accommodate platform.

‘s conclusions can also be interpreted as a return to microscopic reality. For example, a user uses micro-blog’s process, similar to a person in the release of their own mood diary. Many users probably not in the mood or energy, then made his speech in a mood of the micro-blog platform, and switch to another platform for micro-blog to release this "reluctance" constitutes the user’s switching costs. From this we can see that in the field of social relations, such as micro-blog, instant messaging, Matthew effect was very obvious. Teng Xun QQ and Sina micro-blog has a large number of user groups on the bright side of this, which also makes it difficult to catch up with other platforms in the market leader, many of the entrants will therefore give up the idea of entry. This will form a relatively small number of such social platforms in the market, the user is highly concentrated.

news platform is not the same, in the early days, due to the difference of news content news portal platform bigger, users tend to form different news into different news information portal to see the habit. But with the continuous development of the news portal, generally showing a comprehensive trend, that is to say you can see the comprehensive information in almost any news on the platform, which is equal to reduce the differences between the news platform, so users in different news platform, the cost of conversion is very low. A result of the market is that there will be large, small, a lot of news portal platform.



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