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Taobao search marketing industry attention by Shanghai Dragon

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as the name suggests, for love Shanghai, Google and other search engine Taobao traditional Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon Taobao site search based on the rules of optimization, only affect users of Taobao. The current practice is based on Taobao Shanghai Longfeng collation Taobao search, considering Taobao down the right audience shielding, personalized search keywords, and other factors, for baby shelf time optimization and other aspects, to achieve in the user search results obtained in the front position, increase the click rate and sales of baby. As the traditional concept of Shanghai dragon began to emphasize the overall optimization of the site and the whole network of Shanghai dragon, Taobao Shanghai dragon also can not simply stand out, and must be with the store operations, promotion, optimization, shop shop service of the whole store operation optimization, to achieve the maximum effect. At the same time, Taobao and Taobao to build Shanghai dragon explosion models are closely linked, is a single product marketing strategy in one of the indispensable link.

Taobao Shanghai dragon is a new service in the field of Shanghai dragon, its methods and applicability in the industry may be controversial. But it sure is available Taobao Shanghai dragon means can bring a lot of traffic, but also brings the flow is free and relatively stable, on the seller’s value should not be underestimated. In fact, Taobao Shanghai dragon also has a search engine marketing industry’s attention. In June 10th this year, has 8 year history "to win the era of search engine marketing conference" will be in the Hangzhou Railway Station meeting will be the first time Taobao Shanghai dragon as an issue, this is the first meeting of the search marketing industry. Mr. Ceng Rongqun said the president won the Taobao era, Shanghai dragon as a new means of marketing, Party A and Party B are worthy of attention, but also very significance of search marketing industry. To win the era of search engine marketing conference · Hangzhou Railway Station issues gathered in the field of electricity providers, more than half the proportion of around Taobao search, Taobao Shanghai dragon, Taobao train etc., other topics will focus on the B2C site of the Shanghai dragon and PPC. Amoy Search Product Director Si letter, Taobao Shanghai dragon training first books Hui, Taobao Shanghai professional service company Bao Yu dragon network CEO Xu Weijian and other experts will attend the meeting of the Hangzhou Railway Station.

report shows that in 2012, Taobao total has more than 5 million shops. With the increasingly large amount of Taobao stores, in addition to train, diamond booth and other official events promotion, Taobao Shanghai dragon service gradually rise, become more and more sellers by means of Taobao search engine marketing, and began to receive attention.

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, the Hangzhou Railway Station is the first station to win the era of search engine marketing conference meeting tour in 2012, then there are July Shanghai, August Beijing, September Shenzhen and November Chengdu trip. Such as the Hangzhou Railway Station conference, meeting will tour for the local format characteristics of the design issues, a comprehensive in-depth services in the Internet industry. Details visit: 贵族宝贝s.timev贵族宝贝.


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