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Shanghai dragon knot Bureau evildoer art and rotten heart pain


passion can burn one’s morale, good enthusiasm, can let a person unbeaten trend, website is more so, to suffer frequent failure, no ranking, the ranking after a few days and lost ranking, ranking attacked host, ranking and loss of downtime, site weight two or three, the income did not imagine so good, so the phenomenon of dilemma. How to do, but also have what way? Only hardcore chant, but also what enthusiasm are power up life supporting it, still need to be strong.

industry overall situation, many hope, a line is just ambitious and want to do well, frustration and shiyuki, group group. Therefore, the abandoned, is expected to the less, the non industry fall, Shanghai dragon is the root that Jane heart tired. Shanghai Yong Rong Longfeng industry for so many years, of course we are from a small white, slowly growing to understand a lot, though not say what master, but also known as the old driver, naturally understand this industry what is the nature of the

based construction determines the superstructure, had effect to the time, so there are a lot of friends decided to find a variety of web based reasons, find friends, find, find, find the master webmaster forum website found, the full range of repair is right, but don’t waste too much time.

1. keep warm and

Shanghai dragon is an amplifier, then let the slag crack a few words.

at the start of the trip, perhaps slightly excited, I do not know the beauty industry or vision, always want to present, not far away from the target at the cost of happiness.


A. evildoer thinking, thinking of website station problems in the user’s point of view, but some people are thinking from ID, however, still need to put down the evildoer, earnestly implement the.

evildoer Art Foundation

Shanghai dragon in this industry no matter you optimistic or not optimistic, some white can make the industry of God, the phenomenon of the industry whether it stimulate your passion or strengthen the industry of Shanghai dragon aura, to remind you that this phenomenon is what’s strange? But indeed, even if you don’t have what it takes. But you have made the industry a bully, as long as there is also enough experience. Isn’t it good?


B. Shanghai dragon thinking

1. initial heart

4. operation guide

practitioners in Shanghai Longfeng industry also has a year or so, now still do not know what is the Shanghai dragon thinking, what is the real Shanghai dragon thinking? Please forgive me too slag, as to what is the Internet thinking, still can make nothing of it, the evildoer thinking, don’t know who is from the record, Jane Shanghai Longfeng not arrogantly. Please forgive, please do not be fooled this residue, I really do not understand.



3. Shanghai dragon


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