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Xiao Jun operation and promotion process of individual Shanghai Longfeng independent blog

this point and said, the key is according to their own interests and focus attention to the plan, also can share and help some people according to their own work experience, at least if you are good at or interested, have the ability to develop the topic, such as writing after a period of time the Shanghai Dragon found Shanghai dragon write to write to all these things, has been unable to create new Shanghai dragon topic or content, really to this situation I think this is just a temporary pause or vague, after clarifying the idea I want to still have something to write about, of course there may be no intention to do this thing, otherwise, how many have feelings and ideas.

1, the establishment of an independent blog

: if you just want to do a short blog to play or momentary gratification, even on a whim and not determined, recommend the use of BSP blog or free domain name space to set up a blog, such as the TK domain is free, coupled with a free host.

2, independent blog

of course, here also need to pay attention to a little, the choice of their own good theme, can also observe a number of the same theme of writing people, also a range of topics but also try not too large, for example, you want to write a IT blog, this theme is the most difficult, because of a range of IT there are too wide, and is generally not necessarily Internet experience or IT experience and unique insights, I want to try not to write, of course, if the.

independent blog theme: that blog content has a clear theme, such as the Shanghai dragon blog, IT blog, Internet product design blog, there are WP theme download blog, etc., are some of the topics more specific sites, so when we focus on a topic for the first time will go to the blog to understand.

I will be mainly from the blog establishment, blog content updates, blog promotion, operation and profit aspects about this topic.

independent personal blog: simple personal blog, recorded live, work or study.

: the purchase of the domain name space. Because buy a domain name and space are in years, at least a year, it also makes it difficult not to insist.

to establish their own independent blog also has nearly a year, because he is engaged in Shanghai dragon industry, so the theme of the blog is fixed for the Shanghai dragon blog, mainly to record and share some experience and practice of Shanghai Longfeng Shanghai Longfeng phenomena and perspective, in the process of blog writing and operation is also very to get a lot of friends support and attention, so I also take this opportunity to share with you in my independent blog promotion operations among some experience and personal understanding.

3, independent blog theme


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