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How to let the website ranking and analysis of safe.

[two]: the reason of risk factors of


site security is a very important work, it is related to the user experience and the love of spiders in Shanghai on the website of the Shanghai impression, in the love of the optimization suggestions we can also understand, to secure website, Shanghai love is a series of strict measures to combat, so if there are risk factors in our the site, so also is likely to lead to punishment mechanism of unstable ranking.

[three]: due to the quality of website content and low

first, webmaster want to cultivate an important sense, that is to love Shanghai before correcting a "notices": that is to use the robot.txt file to ban love Shanghai search engine crawl and crawl in the US during the revision of the activities.


experience are clear, sometimes want to use a keyword to the home is not difficult, but really want to stabilize the ranks is not easy. I believe a webmaster do not want to own the website ranking and the top 10, and then go to the 60, 70, but due to love Shanghai algorithm and its influence to the site, and will often occur, this let the webmaster distressed. This article first not to discuss love Shanghai algorithm to affect the ranking and the site itself but from the point of view to study and summarize the problems caused so unstable what website ranking.

& & solution: site security involves many aspects, such as the site was linked to horse, the server was black and so on. The author suggests that the webmaster should look at this website security knowledge in my spare time. If you really do not cold, it is recommended that you find a specialized technical staff to maintain the website, or use some security testing tools, such as the love of the Shanghai platform detection tools and so on, we must develop a habit of security monitoring.

love Shanghai spiders and humans, are Xixinyanjiu >

[]: a reason for the revision or the website code is greatly changed

second, Shanghai Webmaster Platform in love, there is a "tool website", this tool is specially used for the revision of the website to need. In before the revision, we can fill in the revision of the information in this tool, can let our love Shanghai approved revision behavior, reducing the probability of unstable ranking:


in Shanghai love optimization guide, there is a suggestion was pointed out that once the website is love Shanghai included, try not to make drastic changes or code website, otherwise it may cause the punishment mechanism to love Shanghai. But in some cases, some owners in order to improve the website function, have to change the code or revision, or a

& & solution:

Site optimization personnel


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