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Now how to do the work of the Shanghai Dragon

4, the chain construction

in fact we often said in the Shanghai dragon work is content with the chain, not a very classical words "content is king, the chain for the emperor". Yes, but the chain is now well done, the chain used in some forum sent a URL is very good, then is the site of the anchor text, then is a blog, and so on soft chain, but the soft effect a little better than the other slowly there is not much value, unless the quantity instead of quality problems; used to know is arbitrary to take the site in Shanghai, Post Bar, now as long as there is a web site to take your post delete serious seal your number. At the same time, the content is everyone you copy me, I copied your original articles, resulting in less and less, love Shanghai for such pseudo original also slowly discovered, was soon included, is now a very long time included, even not included.

1, the web server, this is very important, a poor user experience of the website, no one is willing to go, and he will have a bad effect on the company’s impression, the company’s website are so poor, estimates of their products, service is not good where to go.

2 site problem. This is also very important, if you do the structure of the website is not love love love Shanghai Shanghai spider, the spider is not often, your articles included are no where to go.

?In order to maintain the stability of

we do Shanghai Longfeng for what? For our website is to bring IP to bring traffic, ranking is to make our site up ip. Below I talk about the Shanghai dragon from the aspects of how to do the work of the

I know beauty in Dongguan plastic surgery hospital work a week, this is my first job, I can work here is also very happy. Recently I every day in the hair of the chain, Shanghai sex quiz, the company’s website 贵族宝贝dgzmei贵族宝贝/ useful? Well? I often think Shanghai Longfeng work do it?

. Now the chain is hard, not easy to find a good outside chain. Now the chain has a forum, blog, bookmarks, soft, classified information network, government websites and so on. I feel these soft.

The construction of The internal structure of the

3, the website chain. A good website, the chain is very powerful, like Sina, NetEase, Sohu, etc.. The chain construction benefits are very much, if included within the site chain more, love Shanghai nature of the chain is very friendly, natural articles is also very good. At the same time in the chain can improve the efficiency of access to the Shanghai spiders love, can take a shortcut to love Shanghai very happy natural spider, naturally want to come to your site. In the construction of the chain is not the way in a web page with two links up, with the nature, such as the often recommended, on a page or a page under the title of the site and so on.


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