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Let Shanghai dragon ER annual income increased 10 times investment (below)

(1) tool investment refers to Notepad, notebook computer, bike etc.;

in addition to word, Excel, we have to install a variety of software, in order to maximize the function of the computer, such as the installation of Shanghai Longfeng need to optimize software used Google webmaster tools, 51la tools, statistical analysis tools, keyword ranking query keyword query tools, Links inspection tools, googege Links platform, Shanghai dragon pseudo original tools. In addition if necessary, can be installed in the RSS browser installed on the map software, management software, similar to the Skype name card on the computer phone software, statistics software, so that the computer can do a lot of work for us.

is also a lot of time!

(1) use the

investment tools

(a) IT

used the computer time as far as possible without a mouse instead of shortcut keys, this is because from the keyboard to mouse not only to spend a lot of time, the mouse itself will bring great burden to the hand. If the master keyboard always save a few seconds, just a few seconds together,

workload, if a webmaster 3 station, every day to see the keyword search, IP source, Links, record key chain, blog updates, the background update will spend a lot of time, therefore, to improve the time efficiency is equivalent to improve productivity. Shanghai Longfeng information retrieval, information collection, collection management and schedule management plan and a series of processing procedures, time management is the most time-consuming project.

everyone’s time but 24 hours, however, by the time management and investment, can let time become "more", Xiao Xian went on an article, the following focuses on Shanghai dragon ER annual income increased by 10 times the investment in time to more time.

Master become computerShanghai dragon

(3) as far as possible without the mouse

(2) in order to arrange Shanghai Longfeng work schedule, in addition to my paper notebook, I will use the Google network on schedule as a supplement, as long as these two methods can be used in conjunction. Network schedule I use is the nobility of the baby calendar, because it links faster, but also facilitate the entry. It is important that it can send a text message to your mobile phone, so you never forget any arrangements.

There are many kinds of scientific design of the Notepad

create time at any time, it is the simple tools, in the physical strength, knowledge, skills and other aspects, not sparing any investment.

browser outside




on the market, contains a lot of time management skills.


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