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Let your love without fear of Shanghai Longfeng test in Shanghai (1)

over the past year, the industry chain is also a very cruel cannot bear to think of the past, the years.

owners have access to all the Shanghai dragon strategy, from the arrival Links and other payment chain group, to the contents of the pseudo original and so on a series of conventional Shanghai Longfeng operation, all become the object of being hit.

love hate Shanghai, and most have the characteristics of non natural link. They can at any time for any form of automatic change.


these things have occurred since, too tangled has no meaning, I think we have to calm down, discuss how to build some can stay away from love once and for all, Shanghai punish Shanghai Longfeng operation and site outside the chain.

before 2012, Shanghai dragon all know that "content is king, the chain for the emperor, the chain on the site there is no harm, Baidu yidams also said the same thing. There was no one to worry about set up some garbage outside the chain of what will happen, will not worry about the optimization of what caused by excessive adverse effects, because the worst case is the website ranking slowly, but any negative influence will be.

Valley love Shanghai released "hyperlink cheating" warning, what is "cheating", it is difficult to define, but in general, they have three characteristics:

in the past 10 months, the love of Shanghai launched the "Panda" and "green" algorithm and some other algorithms, is extremely cruel to stationmaster, the traditional method of the construction of the chain, our previous Shanghai Longfeng operation experience, qingkezhijian love Shanghai without appropriate punishment after the skin, the webmaster do not know love the next step in Shanghai will be punished for what pictures, links? Have written blog? Forum with a link to the post? Or what

at present, in the love of Shanghai was almost monopoly in Shanghai dragon world, numerous comments and discussion are gathered in various outside chain strategy will continue to run on. With the love of Shanghai constantly adjust the provisions on the chain change strategy, the focus of the discussion should not be what the chain strategy can continue to use, but should turn to understand what the chain strategy is recognized by the search engine, so that through them, so that we in Shanghai Longfeng time and money can play its greatest value, to achieve maximum benefits.

This is also a characteristic of

1 upgrade

as we see in the love of Shanghai to foreign chain made the rules set up the bottom line, called "super chain cheating". From now on, if you still continue to use the chain of non natural, low quality, so it is a pity that, you will be punished for the chain. In this case, many webmaster in confusion and the always on tenterhooks.


but since 2012, the changes in turn the world upside down.


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