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know two entrepreneurs. One is depressed and the other is a monkLi Kaifu on the nternet how to ma

has a very interesting sentence: whether it’s an enterprise or a person, it must be a hero of the times, not a hero. Take advantage of it

you see, I’m a little scared of me. Why are you willing to help me,

the Internet is not only one of the greatest miracle, we create in the information era, in fact, it is the last fifty years of life habits and behavior of people influence factors of the largest technology. As long as we see everything happening around it is not difficult to understand, not what can to personal life, interpersonal communication, education and training, entertainment, business management, finance and trade, international exchanges and marriage, birth and death in all aspects as deeply as the Internet, have no what can be like the Internet will be hundreds of millions of the world’s different colors, different races, different people of different backgrounds to attract a virtual world.

finished, I feel that there seems to be ambiguity, for entrepreneurs, I always have the greatest respect and admiration, and quickly made up a comment: "

talks about the differences and similarities in the Internet in different countries, such as regulation, usage patterns, and people’s status. As an example of e-commerce, every country in the United States has a credit card, and the popularity of Chinese credit cards is relatively low, with an average of 200 people with a credit card. It’s about economic development, and I don’t believe in this card. 30 years ago, 40 years ago, the United States spent a lot of time doing credit cards. Let people believe that the Internet takes time, so in China to do e-commerce, there is a means of payment problems. Alibaba 14,0.34,2.49% do is platform, put money there, open an account, you can pay, to solve the problem of credit. Taobao, a subsidiary of Alibaba, has taken other very good practices to cancel its hands


‘s friend asked me, "


sent a circle of friends tonight:

for a long time not on the watercress, and the results yesterday, a bit depressed. Because before the special attention and appreciation of two people, a monk, and one seems to be some depression, and two people in common, are in the enterprise, sigh.


explains, not in slander entrepreneurship, just emotion. Many of the people who know about entrepreneurship are successful, so sometimes, maybe just because they don’t fit.


because you did a lot of things I wanted to do but didn’t do, so I especially hope you can succeed.

it’s not polite, it’s your real idea.

The rise and development of

I think there are at least three:



, but the reality is cruel, at least from some of his circle of friends look, entrepreneurship Road, difficult.

Internet users are different, making money patterns are different,

that’s how I replied,

My friend

to his ideal, indomitable, without fear of appearance, always let me give him praise.

depression the entrepreneur, has never been exchanges, only extend great admiration.

one is to borrow the potential".

Abstract: when I saw his product line, I told him that he could do the promotion for free and drink some wine together. The results of a few days, he saw WeChat decided to become an article, and then delete the circle of friends. Before he left the temple, he once asked me, "everyone looks at me. I’m a little afraid of me. Why are you willing to help me?"

what’s the difference between China and the Internet? China’s Internet is very large. It was almost 290 million last year. It has surpassed the total population of the United States. It can be said that China has become a big Internet power. The Internet usage in China is no different from that in the United States. Music search and e-commerce are almost the same as in the United states. Take a look at the application, which is very popular in China, for example, read the news online. E-mail is used a little bit more in the United States, but the difference is not very big. Many Americans assume that an Internet model in Britain, Japan and the United States, if done, will succeed in china. But this assumption is wrong. Almost all netizens in the country behave similarly. The Internet is the mirror that reflects the users. They are happy to react, they are curious to react, and their anger is reflected. There are some differences in the Internet in different parts of the world, such as openness, equality, access to information, connections, humanities, e-mail, and public search. These are the same in many countries, but the content is different. If sociologists look at this issue, they will certainly agree that the state and the people are different, and the Internet is in a different state. Some China company more agile, and understand their own situation, will develop faster, many companies in the United States because of this reason, with the local market difficulties, shlf1314 did not give up Chinese market, we do a good job, but that we are not doing the best.

monk, also not have too much overlap, because some time ago to see his product line, I take the initiative to ask if you need to flow up promotion, I can free a little help, WeChat came and went, but also similar to the day he returned to Beijing to drink. As a result, a few days ago, he saw the WeChat public number on a decision to leave the article, and then go to WeChat to find, the circle of friends have all been deleted.

has been thinking about a question today. What are the key factors for entrepreneurship success?

previously praised the spirit of "hard working, old ox", on the road to entrepreneurship, at least in the first half of entrepreneurship is out of date. Conscientious means a confinement of thought, and once thought is limited, vision becomes narrow.

how do you make money in China’s e-commerce



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