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Summary the reason and solution of the sudden drop

second, love Shanghai snapshot correction situation, because it is only 3 months of the revision of the website, has been rushed to the home page tenth, but due to the cause of the new ranking is not very stable is normal. Specific performance: the list of several fluctuations. The optimization time appears for a long time is normal in the new station.

again, looking for the chain source, because I’m afraid of Scindapsus algorithm has certain effect on this website. Because I had used an old station to collect the contents of this website. But the chain showed that everything is normal, and very healthy.

a few days ago, a friend asked laughing dust: Web site keywords suddenly dropped is what reason, how to solve it? To solve this problem, the dust that laugh should make a summary, let the webmaster friends can do this as a basis, when it comes to problems, can solve the horse. After all the webmaster friends with most of the time do not rank if all of a sudden, it is a very depressing thing.

finally, host. When the ranking suddenly appeared, I will all out, only the virtual host this one last question. Because it is a regular business website, and is not necessary to choose the server or cloud hosting, so the virtual host is the first choice to reduce business costs. However, when I open the site several times a day, found that the site sometimes can not open the case, this is a signal, if there is a virtual host downtime, should ask the host service provider, see if you can replace the other server.

individual keywords ranking disappear is not very common, but the smile had encountered a return to dust. At that time the situation is this: I have a website for the target keywords: Dalian website. This site is new, and is of high quality of the original article, the chain number less than two thousand, but the quality is quite high. So when this problem, the first time I love Shanghai excluded right down, because I love Shanghai right down there will be some performance, the performance will be described below. So I’m looking for from Links, love Shanghai snapshots and host reasons. The investigation of the case:

: the first individual target keywords ranking disappear

: once let a high weight, high ranking website redirects to this website, the website ranking will continue to rise, because there is a website will import the weight of your site. But if the redirection.

first, Links small number, there are 5 Links, these sites do not cheat and be right down to happen.

in addition, ranking is more stable in the other target keywords, but when one of the keywords may be suddenly disappeared, the host problems lead to the search engine grab is not normal, leading to fluctuations in ranking.

well, according to the keywords ranking suddenly drop or disappear, will generally have two kinds of cases.


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