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The 7.12 love Shanghai adjustment results in-depth analysis and suggestions

station, K station is the rebate to now is still not recovered, and 60 sites have been K 5 scouring and rebate station, these sites are still not recovered in yesterday’s update, according to my analysis of these sites may not recover.

just finally finished more than a dozen sites of data statistics, today morning change is found more than a dozen sites in my hands, and two sites were K, a snapshot of two sites has been restored, there are several changes in the website ranking, according to the website and change my hands a few friends together for a total of 60 sites on several websites, we conducted a comprehensive analysis on the 60 website, get the love Shanghai update the main results in the following aspects:

2, in July does not respect the user experience of the website, the website content is not consistent with the theme of the site was down the right part, this is mainly for some of the old site, two times before changing the algorithm are basically for two years following the new station, and the main site for more than two years.

1, increase the intensity of the original web content, for through the adjustment.

3, a part of the weight loss, breast enhancement Taobao guest website continues to be K, my friends and the hands of this site has been K off today a total of two, can be seen from Shanghai, love of this kind of website management more strictly, you must be careful not to be caught in the sea the handle, to avoid being K.

4, daily check chain, found the K chain deleted immediately, do not affect their.

2, stop part of the construction of the chain, I suggest that the construction of the chain by posting machine and software should immediately stop.

In June 1,

3., reduce the image communication efforts, at present a lot of websites every day spread a lot of pictures on the website, I personally feel that love you in Shanghai, this takes up a lot of space to adjust the behavior of the site, do not affect the speed of the site.

5, a stable space, remember, when you love Shanghai to adjust the site and not open, then your website is difficult not to be K.

website snapshot stop updating, if every day in July and continues to update the original content, so this website in restored some snapshots, which shows the love of Shanghai webmaster adhere to see in the eyes, bring more hope for the small owners.


in the four of the above we can come to love Shanghai adjust now is very extensive, whether old station or new sites in the adjustment range, we only pay close attention to the face of this adjustment to clean up their own websites, do their work according to the website, I put forward some suggestions of this adjustment:


today in a hurry, I will stop here, I will continue to analyze my hands website, I hope you >


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