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The analysis of several offbeat profit model of Shanghai Longfeng future

and Taobao customers is similar, with the volume of commission, the idea is to find violence products or high profit business, such as ranking up that can find the corresponding enterprises to discuss cooperation pumped into, according to the percentage of the profits of the industry and key words difficult to be competitive. I personally think that this is a win-win model, high profit industries we pumped into naturally high, for the enterprise, he will be ready, because our station is equivalent to a salesman, but also allow customers to find the door of the automatic window for us that would be more beneficial.

three, according to the sales commission, similar to CPS

, a word selling station, selling site

this is a good idea to make money, we can sell disposable money, the station is not, we can find some Er Shanghai dragon to small business value and competitiveness of the products to do, can do all walks of life website, can also do a large number of sites, such as website ranking up to the corresponding or doing business or company bidding can store. We can make the price according to the key words and the difficulty of profit and market value of the product, the station from 5 thousand to 50 thousand.

rankings This kind of mode of

four through

this way to make money and we do advertising ideas do not check, but we are looking for violent products or high profit business, such as ranking up can find the corresponding enterprise on site or advertising rental rental. First, in order to allow them to confirm our stand to make money, you can let them hang test 1~3 days, let the customer know when to have the effect, customers will naturally go out and rent a site or advertising. The mode of payment we can allow customers to pay or to pay a quarter, this is equivalent to zero risk for customers, many customers will love this cooperation, this way is relatively stable, the equivalent of every month can sit and money, but we need to work hard to expand.

two, rental websites or advertising

, Shanghai Dragon Products Entrepreneurship

is the Shanghai Dragon technology, why every day to help others to do things, we can start their own businesses, with some start-up capital, we think that the industry more money, then the industry related word do up, then consider yourself a few people together to open a company, such as trading company. Manufacturers to find the goods, their use of Shanghai Dragon technology to promote, make money from make a difference. This money is their own, is the initial investment will be more.

with the Shanghai dragon is more and more popular, is a promotion of skills a webmaster must have, some owners do not rely on Shanghai dragon can also get a lot of traffic and then converted to income, and some rely on Shanghai dragon living, then the Shanghai dragon is able to make money, what are the Shanghai Dragon profit model is? My personal understanding and analysis, I summarized the Shanghai dragon following money mode, we can explore each other under.


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