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Shanghai Longfeng case study for some Chinese URL optimization view


webmaster all know, a few years ago, the search engine is not very strong, the webmaster is prohibited Chinese characters appear in URL, if the search engines to crawl URL garbled. If a webmaster use Chinese URL address, others think you not technology, do not understand the Shanghai dragon, URL static treatment increases the search engine friendliness, as the search engine technology has become more and more powerful, can identify Chinese URL address.

search engine is how to identify the Chinese URL

we can join the search command inurl: website optimization results returned by search engines in Shanghai love obviously love Shanghai included a lot of URL on the Chinese "site optimization", visible search engine technology has reached the level of recognition Chinese.

finally, webmaster don’t tangled in the end or not to use Chinese URL search engine, the future is go with the user, the user experience better Chinese URL, a search engine will also see in the eyes, well, first wrote here.


can be seen in the figure above love Shanghai included the site tag page, the key word is "site optimization", click on the page in the address becomes above it, followed by a% of the code, the result of the analysis: the sum of letters and numbers in the picture above is 16, we can see that the website optimization of each word accounted for four character, search engines crawl the URL address in the database is stored according to these characters, the same.






consists of 99 health network _ small Gan: www.99贵族宝贝.cn please indicate the source for


can be seen from the figure, now many webmaster began to use Chinese URL address, the purpose is very simple, in order to better user experience, Chinese URL benefits: users can understand the general content of this article by URL Chinese, can be very intuitive to see the core idea of the article.


address directly in the search results found love Shanghai input, love Shanghai has included, to prove how powerful love Shanghai.


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