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Qihoo 360 is a violation of the robots agreement or ignore the accident

dragon search by Qihoo 360 in violation of the agreement robots found a lot of about 360 in violation of robots agreement, which is the most relevant love overseasad 360 violation of the robots agreement in the news, there are about 360 post maintenance does not follow robots to the website. Although the Qihoo Mister Zhou Hongyi explicitly pointed out that the 360 search is not a violation of the robots agreement, but through the experience of today and the dragon "


robots protocol since its birth has been recognized by the major search engines, most search engines will advance to see whether the robots protocol in the search site, once the grab content will automatically avoid not allowed. This is not just a search engine on the site of master respect, but also the development of the industry rules, although not expressly but if a search engine ignore these words, easily be considered piracy. This is a lot of owners in the new site just on the line, if the program or the content or the results have not been finalized, will search through the robots protocol to shield each, until that will delete the satisfaction, this is not only to optimize, can effectively eliminate the enterprise some immature content dissemination on the internet.

dragon recently for the company to build a fast measurement of soil nutrient and pesticide residue detector site, called www.nongdaxunjie贵族宝贝, due to the addition of early in the adjustment and the content of the program, for all the search engines were screened by robots protocol. Because of the daily work more, also is in the spare time of the site changes, into the repeated adjustment of one month after the removal of the site robots agreement in December 9th. Today through the webmaster tools query serendipity 360 included the home page, also began to think that 360 included so fast, last night was allowed to crawl the site today is a snapshot, but look at the website included snapshot found turned out to be 2013.12.8. I am on time is 9 to remove the robots protocol, 360 even crawl so fast is not the number 8, after the online inquiry website realized robots protocol is likely to be ignored by Qihoo 360, such as:

Qihoo 360 violates "Robots agreement" has been circulating on the network, start dragon has not believe this is true, after all, as the search engine rising stars, many owners are given too many expectations. Remember the last 360 search turned out and quickly occupied the domestic search engine market share of 10%, Google, Sogou and breaking China became the second, even a lot of people are not only the language in the future will become a powerful love Shanghai bidder. We would like to see him grow, and expect it to provide better service for our search, and then continue to lead the industry toward a better direction.



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