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Blog program selection ZB and WP pros and cons

Remember the

single from the price, ZB than WP because of a stroke above do a blog, the webmaster all know, ZB the operating environment is ASP, this type of space is very cheap in China, if only to write the article, then the 100M space is enough, but also spent 100 yuan, but the WP is not the same the MYSQL, it needs the support of database, and this thing is required when we buy space to cost more than 100, if no distractions for the webmaster, can be said to be a waste of investment, so we set up a blog when considering less investment, so far the ZB program.

has an independent blog, is crucial for engaged in Internet related work friends. However, when you choose the blog program, we must first solve the problem of a program, Zblog or WordPress? In fact, this problem is many novice want to know something about this, the stone is not good to speak, because the different stations have different preferences, although there are WP is the most powerful, but Mou Changqing, Lu Songsong and other well-known blogs are based on ZB, so a program choice is not a mandatory requirement, but the stone today also just from the angle of practical technology and say ZB and WP their respective advantages and disadvantages.

when we are loyal to the music station, station, station management information download, and this time diligently, I think any a webmaster should not forget this blog website, although compared to the previous, the function is the blog website some single, but as a simple information carrier, a blog its advantages can not be ignored: simple, easy operation and humanization, personal characteristics and so on, and the author also made nearly a year of independent blog, every day to share their work experience in the blog, therefore accumulated a lot of industry contacts and customer resources, which is helpful for the development of today.

and everyone knows that too many people is not conducive to its optimization using the same template, and code optimization, ZB will certainly be much simpler than WP, so from the operating level, ZB is indeed worth considering.

in a blog forum, a host of concise and to the point said a word, "rookie ZB, master WP, although this sentence has a little paranoid, but there are still some truth, because from the operational aspect, ZB is very easy to use, take the static page in terms of the Zblog program, only need a static page generation plug-in, you can achieve a static page, but WordPress static, need to install the plug-in static cos-html-cache plug-in installation has a risk, once the installation is unsuccessful, and to make, is a very troublesome thing, not suitable for the novice.

from the operation level to consider:


from the economic level to consider:


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