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For the novice, in addition to Shanghai dragon hair of the chain can do what

so, do well in the station optimization and in details, in addition to the hair of the chain, to become a professional Shanghai dragon Er, daily work must take into account the following four points:

second, keyword analysis and layout, is precisely the long term, as we all know, in order to get search engine traffic, we must have more capacity to flow page, many people are in the optimization of too much attention to the target page keyword traffic, and missed the better precision of the long tail traffic, some people worry laborious finally put keyword optimization to the home page, but the daily traffic or rarely, why? Because the home page of the top three has won 60% of the traffic flow, the other keyword ranking naturally, not to mention the key words in the second page of the row.

First, analysis of

data, this work in large sites will be equipped with professional personnel to be responsible, but as a small website, most of the time Shanghai dragon also need to take care of this work, the main work includes web log analysis and site statistics analysis, this is the two aspects. How to do, this is not a

recently on the Shanghai Longfeng way many discussions, whether online or offline friends colleagues, many people in Shanghai do not hold dragon seems to have what hope, "what optimization is done" and "love Shanghai quickly into their own search and other remarks but once they spread like wildfire, with in-depth exchanges of Shanghai Dragon Technology in fact, they found, these concerns are unfounded.

station in large sites, Shanghai dragon in charge of the work by far more than the hair of the chain so simple, as a professional Shanghai dragon, in addition to improving the whole optimization mining user needs, should become the daily work focus, after all, the search engine is connected to people and information, and not connected man and machine, only go with the user, in order to bring traffic to the site, by the trust of search engine.


recruitment Shanghai Longfeng, but because the company for the network itself does not understand, and recruitment are basically started near new, so the daily schedule of the work is to update the articles and send the chain, but most of these companies are enterprises station, so many people tend to think of a a station optimization work can only be sent the article and the chain.


because for them, most people actually have just entered this line a half years new, ask to their usual work, basically answer is updated articles, send the chain, a chain, it is no wonder that I feel no hope, in fact there is no depth to the real dragon in Shanghai.

in Shanghai Longfeng industry also has three or four years of time, although not experienced, but at least there is still a little accumulation, to offer this release to talk about Shanghai Longfeng except outside the chain can do what

?Although many companies called The In fact, whether it is business or

keyword analysis is so crucial, for small companies, most of the time it.


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