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Analysis of nobility baby keyword ranking and PR rules


noble baby may have not been users and attention Shanghai dragon in the north, more is to look at who really love Shanghai, especially in Harbin in the north, more love Shanghai, so noble baby has been ranked I have no heart, sometimes I often and they said that my website at baby had a good ranking in the nobility, that may be just a few months to build a website, you can also pay attention to rankings, why is the beginning of ranking but good, that is because the website is updated every day because of it, we may not believe it, so I took the facts to prove my judgment. First of all I have to say that, recently my website ranking in the noble baby well, basically on the first page, I give you to cut a figure

is my observation of the noble baby, is through my own website analysis, absolutely accurate, I don’t believe in luck which have so much luck.

see two red line, in front of the love of Shanghai included the number, behind is the nobility of the baby was included more, yes, because my site has always been a static website, so the update is very troublesome, in recent years has not been updated for several years included more than 0 pages. This is not conducive to long-term optimization, site and exchange links, but I don’t want to immediately change the program, it will affect my rankings, so I thought of a way, is to set up a blog on the website directory, a web site that is this battle station, but independent and his advantage is able to quickly increase the website included quantity, weight transfer station can quickly obtain the ranking, but the drawback is that in the long run, is not conducive to the rankings, if do long tail keywords ranking that is the rub is However, I did not expect to increase is included, the PR value of the site will soon become 3, do not want to capture so long, so we do not see the change of PR, go on for several weeks, PR turned 3, before the aristocratic baby also ranked up, I did not do what is. Update and update, the chain must be done before, but also have to do ah, it is clear that the update played a role, this shows that the baby is very large for noble update and original degree of attention, a lot of people to make PR 5 in a very short period of time, the original and updated and inseparable.


I just take Harbin to take Harbin website design as an example, in fact, Harbin website design and website construction in Harbin the two keywords ranking is in front of the front, just not a lot of PPC obviously, you may ask me why suddenly ranking is good, in fact I was often not at the website the update included, and PR are not good, I also here by the way, I like to do on the website of the PR rapid increase is obvious, that for a long time I tell you is a little update and original, is this, I really do not have any change, I don’t believe in you cut a figure of



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