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Grassroots webmaster software download site in the station optimization experience

began to be engaged in Shanghai Longfeng job after graduation. Stable work, stable wages make the unrest began to produce independent station business ideas, and finally chose to join the top pen according to the resignation of vast grass-roots webmaster class. But the ideal is full, the reality is skinny. Thought I do a site can unwind the gold on the Internet, but did not expect the site online after a stage, the daily traffic is pitiful, because before I work as a Commissioner of the chain, the station optimization is not proficient, neglect of the station has been optimized. A5 later to read many articles found the original station outside the station optimization and optimization are very important. So after the station optimization phase processing. The site finally pick up. The author will share some experiences in the station optimization.


above, the site is a software download site, nature can be high heat, large search index words, such as: green software, free software, added to the web site title, this way can effectively improve the keywords ranking.

site has finally taken the first step, I was very happy, the author will to the author of this software download site to share some experience as an example of the station optimization.

in the A5 look at the time, often encounter many articles about the site in title weight is very high, and very sensitive to this region, title once confirmed not too much change, if you change the frequent words difficult to search engine trust. In addition, I read an article about the layout of the keywords article: "on how to utilize the three kinds of heat keywords construction site structure". From the article, I learned how to better the layout of key words. I think in the site keywords optimization when combined with the title title, will make you the optimization effort. As the author of the software download site, as shown in figure

PS: title for the site, we do not have to present a complete sentence, so that their weight from the search engine is not very ideal.


The The article mentioned in the

after several months of exploration and optimization, have some relevant keywords ranking, as shown below.

above, the author thinks that it is a very good experience, category is the use of general keywords to do the site. A large part of the site’s traffic is dependent on the long tail keywords, and if we want our long tail keywords get better weight, we can use the full channel page, column page, page list of keywords, general deployment. As shown below. >

two: make full use of channel page, column page, page list

: site title and keyword matching


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