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Grassroots developers readme WeChat is the only TencentFrom Bezos’s letter, read the taste of new

"WeChat in this regard, the rules are not very clear, relatively speaking, Taobao’s gameplay is more mature, and micro-blog’s openness is relatively strong."." Previously unnamed developers believe that micro >

The opacity of the

as the world’s leading electricity supplier Brand Company, we Bezos letter from the more able to interpret the new logic about the development of the electricity supplier, and find out the future direction of the electricity supplier. Although the concept of Bezos in the letter took great lengths to explain his understanding of the "first day" and "the company" of the company, but he is still around a center, the center is how to keep the international electricity supplier giant Amazon position.

as an international Internet Co, Amazon’s every move will attract people’s attention. As Amazon’s helm, Amazon CEO Geoff – Bezos words and deeds is worth reading, and can find some of the basic thread of future development. This year, Geoff Bezos letters to shareholders rujierzhi, in addition to bring people shock, "the first day" Bezos company and "the company" concept is defined so that we have a new definition for the Internet Co, for the future development of the Internet Co also has some exploration direction.

, the next day, the company thinking so many electricity providers in trouble,


original model is difficult to trigger new stimulus effects, electricity providers need new changes in the field. With the impact of the Internet technology depth and change our life, business platform every year in various shopping Carnival to constantly refresh the established market size and position, after the market really cleaned up, living in down the business tycoons in every year is in fact > refresh

many developers are now in confusion, in the face of Tencent’s own business and Tencent department’s investment business on WeChat’s overall occupation, grassroots developers are increasingly away from WeChat ecology. The author and several WeChat industry chain related practitioners chatted about WeChat’s views.

rule "fog"

A great feature "on the first day of"

despite the primitive accumulation of the early, "the company has established his position in the market, but they are facing the new market environment, especially in the face of new user demand will fall to a new fear and disorder process, this fear and disorder did not cause" enough attention next "company. It is known as the" rules "and" established experience "to do things in such a logic, in fact, many electricity supplier companies in the development of the new situation.

company has is to continue to accept new things, continue to take the customer as the center, continuously improve the efficiency of decision making; a great feature and the company have is stylized, fell into decline, followed by frequent death stage, and "the company" not in a short time out but to go through a fairly long process, through this process, "the company will eventually die.

Bezos in a letter to shareholders pointed out that we must adhere to the "first day" of the company’s faith, to avoid Amazon into the "next day" company’s death circle. Although this concept we created for Bezos, we do not have a specific concept, but after Bezos’s explanation, we seem to be able to "first day" for the company and the next company can find some general context.

‘s vague rules, WeChat’s paradox is more puzzling to developers. WeChat product director has repeatedly made "WeChat is not a marketing tool", "depending on the public account for marketing channels, practices in WeChat does not apply" position. However, Tencent last year invested WeChat marketing service provider "WeChat shopping."". This has angered many developers, developers of the "most handsome carry handle" is directed at WeChat around the "three sins": the launch of a key concern function, induced attention and build up a marketing platform. He believes WeChat’s use of these official banned third party development functions has not been punished.

rules has made the Tencent ‘national team’ the biggest concern for developers. In order to communicate with Tencent, emboldened more, and increase the weight of negotiations with the official, some of Shenzhen’s third party development company and even set up a micro industry alliance. As one of the promoters, Jia Huiming alias said, "both helpless and hate, do not know when they came in, full of insecurity."." Jia Huiming, vice president of a third party development company, began to develop on WeChat’s platform last year, mainly for background products. Although he did not experience the impact of the Tencent national team for the time being, he still felt a lot of uncertainty.

"that’s out of the question. Who knows when the Tencent looks at this business?." Talking about the Tencent "national team", the laughter of a developer in Shenzhen was a lot of frustration. The topic stems from a slot from the white crow, a former pocket founder. Because Tencent electricity providers have begun to do and pocket similar things, but also have pockets do not have access to the interface, he was not comfortable. "What does the Tencent do for other developers?" said the white crow.

: WeChat is very strong and seems very conservative and almost never actively communicate with developers." Jia Huiming said, now there are 8 companies in the alliance, in addition to WeChat and other platforms PK, we will often exchange experience together. "Conservative" is behind the rule of fuzzy. The sponsor, he and WeChat’s market, commercial and technical departments have to communicate, but no department can give clear standards and rules, even if the communication with WeChat executives it is hard to find the exact statement. Another developer who asked not to be named revealed that more communication with WeChat depends on connections, and which department is more familiar with which departments to use resources.

The paradox of


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