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The Shanghai dragon in the development of industry segments and product segments

we can be found in many segments of the industry is still not aware of what can bring enterprises Shanghai dragon. Although some enterprises put in the auction in the search engine, but it is still in the stage of the blind. Just like to put in the running, others are advertising as if they don’t like to put it behind. The popularization of the network system and the lack of forward-looking, not a rational planning. Can bring better through the Shanghai dragon is the enterprise spends less money effect. But for the optimization of some specific products there is a huge gap in the market. For example, in some of the ceramic industry, or chemical industry, and even some more intense competition in the industry has a weight loss tens of thousands of products, so many products, even if there are 90% products of network optimization, but there are thousands of products can choose. But the actual situation is Shanghai dragon optimization will not be more than 10% products, that is to say, there are most of the gaps in the market waiting for excavation. A lot of products in the early stage of entering the market, the marketing force has not yet formed, can seize this opportunity, and has a good development prospect in a product just in the market, and quickly occupied the market optimization, the objective in the future will bring benefits.


refining industry and product segments of Shanghai dragon is a big market, we can understand through careful observation. Based on the analysis of some of the industry products, the early stages of many enterprise products is still in the Shanghai dragon competition, and even some not index long tail word, but this is one of the key words, but can bring great profits to the industry. If the Shanghai dragon will little or no index index keyword optimization to the first, is likely to bring every day just a few or a dozen IP, but can bring order, can make the enterprise product promotion and the company on the network, expand product sales and expand their influence, than pure by Shanghai dragon for some items on the network optimization can reduce the difficulty of optimization, and the rewards than on the network project will be much higher.

now some high margin products, such as weight loss and health industry, Shanghai dragon competition has entered the white hot state, to reduce the number of the chain or not enough support site update frequency and number of times will make the site’s ranking fell, needed to pay more and more attention to the competition of some high heat of words but the results are often unsatisfactory. This requires practitioners to have a pair of eyes looking for, will optimize the word to the industry and product segments, occupy the advantage in a smaller area, and lay a solid foundation for future development.

optimization Shanghai dragon has the characteristics of slow effect, a lot of people in charge of the industry if you hear that need to wait two or three months or even longer to have the effect of optimization, tend to lose patience, because three months seems to be hard to wait. But if the person in charge after taking into account the effect of the enterprise should be interested in. This is the Shanghai dragon.


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