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The most cattle entrepreneurial class 13 students when the boss leader can earn 100 thousand tea


Wang Guosong looking at his shop reporter Xu Chang / photo

"I’m going to open a company specializing in the operation of Pu’er tea, 100 thousand yuan of registered capital is ready, the money is over the past year or so I have been selling tea made on Taobao." Recently, the school of economics and management, cloud Normal University Junior Wang Guosong is busy planning their own wholly-owned. And he was in the class, there are 1/3 students start their own business as a small boss, the campus is known as the most cattle class".

Wang Guosong where the class is cloud Normal School of economics and management of the 06 marketing classes, monitor Ning Qing is now applying for the provincial excellent class collective preparation materials.

from the beginning of the semester, the 06 level marketing class students have sea water. Now, 31 students in the class has more than 10 successful when a small boss, not only the cost of living and tuition fees, many people have reached the stage of capital accumulation.

Wang Guosong is the shop earlier, after him, there are 4 students registered in the Taobao store or other sales sites, are operating Pu’er Tea, although sales Miss Wang Guosong, but every month there are nearly million in revenue.

there are several students opened a physical shop. Opened a boutique in the grand commercial city of Qin Mingyi, a flourishing business. There are 3 students choose to invest in lattice shop, but also operating well. Do more to the number of weeks Xunxi, he organized a arts training school in Guandu square, as a principal.

in a number of practical ability and marketing expertise in the game, the class also won awards. "If we have been rated as the provincial class class, we will be the first school to win the marketing class." Ning Qing said confidently.

business is booming:

shop into Taobao hundred

entrepreneurship students, Wang Guosong is an absolute leader. Wang Guosong is a northeastern Liaoning, the words boy is now a Yunnan.

big semester, Wang Guosong began to do the fossil business. "Feel the fossil is a scarce resource, I am also very love, but do not very good for upside down."

2007, Wang Guosong began selling tea shop on Taobao. First in the tea wholesale market blindly turn, no money to buy, afraid to sell, so first with the boss to talk about a good price, and then took a photo hanging on the Internet, it was bought to take goods." This risk is small, but will suffer, people know that you are a person bought only to take the goods, so the price is very high."

Taobao online, the buyer can give the seller to praise, comments or poor evaluation. Now, Wang Pu erh tea has been Guosong buyers more than 1 thousand and 100 praise, but not long after the shop when a bad review, but let him brood on credit. That time, a customer flower


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