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How to make the new fast included website construction

1, the new line after don’t frequent changes to

described below when enterprises in the construction site, the need to pay particular attention to several aspects influence the website included:

web content less small, easy to update, may not be such a problem. But a little large web site there will be such a problem. In order to quickly launch site, a large number of people gathering website content website content, website quality is too low is very difficult to collect the search engine. At that time we had a lottery sales software 贵族宝贝fankeyu贵族宝贝/softb/cprj.html portal small station, the content of the website is very much, in order to website can fast on-line, the content of the website is responsible for many other portals, which eventually led to the website included slow, later included several.

2, don’t release the chain

now more and more enterprises to establish a website for their own, to promote their products. But in the construction site after is not over, you lose the value of the construction site. With the establishment of the technology matures, now enterprises set up a website the cost is very low, will lead to the construction site of many enterprises is fashionable, because many companies have their own a shop on the Internet, regardless of the consequence to do a website in that window. In fact, the construction site is just the first step, how to make love Shanghai search engine fast included is the first to consider. For example, our company has built a lottery website, the major search engines are not included, when someone searches for the company, we do not see the construction of the lottery station, then the site is equal to the white building.

although the webmaster has repeatedly stressed the value of the chain is greatly reduced, but the chain must release on the website is very important. The chain is a good method to attract spiders access, many managers have to love all the forum for help, some managers love with mass software. The amount of the chain released conducive to search engines, but the chain over the release of a suspected of cheating. Here is an example, in the lottery sales software optimization, on the site just on the line, in order to quickly included, site early on-line batch released outside the chain, but the site has not be included.

many site builders without Shanghai dragon thought, just want to put the site built, how beautiful how to build, people see the type of site fire, put the site according to their style change. Such frequent changes to the site, don’t say the search engine is not included, there are likely to be thrown in Shahe to accept the punishment. The website is a kind of change, changes frequently and the website structure. As we do lottery sales software website, was set on the website structure is not well conceived, causing the site in the line, again to modify the site structure. This site is the most frequent change of search engine is not love, will reduce the value of the content of the website.

3, website content update is not less low quality


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