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How to solve the chain relationship between the Shanghai earthquake August 25th love

2. from the perspective of a search engine.

you know, if A5 can give Wang Shifan studio blog for a ticket and is currently ranked first in the joke site to vote, two weights website, but the influence is not the same as the Wang Shifan studio blog. If you choose to, will naturally choose A5, because the correlation is very high. Conversely, if Wang Shifan now needs to make a joke in the website, then ranked first joke station link to quality will be higher than A5. This is why, in the face of professional search engine, so the weight given to the evaluation is not the same.

! The construction of

, for example, like the Wang Shifan studio blog service is mainly aimed at the small and medium-sized enterprise website construction and website promotion, so, we must first think of the potential customers of these services is what kind of person? Obviously, is small and medium-sized enterprise boss. If they want this kind of service, will be on the Internet where to find? Professional forum website optimization, such as the A5 section, Shanghai dragon WHY outsourcing orders service area and so on, as well as the love of Shanghai know, Search ask questions such as the site to ask questions, is a very good choice. If we do the chain promotion in this kind of place, do at the wedding forum compared the chain promotion studio blog Stephen King, the effect will be hundreds of times. This is the chain of correlation in the website the user perspective on advantage.

1. from the site of the user’s point of view.

after August 25th, there are too many site is down right, similarly, there are too many workers in Shanghai Longfeng worry. To worry about worry, to solve the problem is still very important. Today, Wang Shifan would like to introduce ourselves in the earthquake after the main rescue work, the chain of correlation.

?After the importance of chain related

, why the chain correlation

said, the next step is to combat, we as a novice Shanghai dragon how to do a good correlation of the chain? Take the king Stephen team recently received a Shenzhen wedding website orders for

is so important?


why each Shanghai Longfeng ER said the chain of correlation is very important? Why do the chain is related to the high quality of the chain? Today Wang Shi to sail importance from two directions to explain the correlation of the chain.

website is Shenzhen wedding dress in this category, potential customers site is in Shenzhen city for married people, according to our potential customers crowd positioning construction chain promotion.

two, new Shanghai Longfeng how the correlation of the chain

provided a correlation between the chain, many people will think of the forum. Do two blog site specifically for customers, not only can promote the customer’s business, but also our.

1. related blog.


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