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How to solve the drop right phenomenon is linked to the horse to site

How to face the

problem is directly facing the next third days, the site returned to normal, snapshot back, 5 key words are snapped 10 pages later, hard work is a horse back to the prototype, this time how to do

horse? The first thing is to contact the server completely solves the FTP problem, the write permission prohibition, to find possible vulnerabilities. Then immediately delete pages, 404 page jump. But the more than 4000 page 404, say no effect is not possible, the overall content of a website change, the problem of search engine is not inferior to a site rectification. For the more than 4000 snapshots, I hope that through love Shanghai removed through the pages of complaints, but unfortunately, the relevant complaints submitted no echo.

network has gone into people’s life, as a webmaster and Shanghai dragon Er, how to do and optimize the basic station. But there is also a lot of people take shortcuts, they steal the fruit for your victory through improper means. The web Trojan affected almost every webmaster. Moreover, after the love of Shanghai ushered in the horse down right for all Shanghai dragon headache er.



eventually, through the efforts of the keywords ranking back. Unfortunately it is included, almost a month’s time, included in the site is still more than 700, but the actual content even 200 pages are not. But thankfully.


is linked to the horse the same thing let me meet. A station shortly before optimization, the weight and ranking results just stable, because the FTP problem is linked to a row of a few days trojan website directly increased from 150 to 4300, observed a month data from 150 to 4300, suddenly it is a what kind of feeling, I I believe we all understand, especially included are color, page, but also from these keywords in a lot of traffic. For an enterprise station hanging yellow pages is very serious.

has a lot of fellow think to wait for at least a month to recover, if so long, it would be too painful, at least for me this station, can’t wait. In order to make the site faster recovery, let love Shanghai put out to establish trust, I insist that every 2 pieces of pure original, at the same time every day to ensure the number of external fixation, one of the most important point is to grasp the update time of Shanghai love work, love every Thursday in Shanghai to have a renewal in the day than normal work work a lot, including the number of updates, and outreach. In addition to the daily amount of base, at 10 o’clock, and separately for the love Shanghai refreshments.


work adhere to the 2 love Shanghai time no update, 2 weeks after the second love Shanghai updated, keywords has begun to row forward, on the morning of the third day, the keyword ranking back, I do not know the day is not love Shanghai and update reason.


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