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Novice to learn Shanghai dragon slowly but not read hastily and without thinking

third, the Internet knowledge we need to try with doubt. Many webmaster is through the Internet for Shanghai dragon knowledge, I think this is a very effective learning channels, the basis for some of the people I think this way is the way of learning is very good, but we must see others in the article when thinking, analysis, do not accept, do the letter as a Book, because many owners operating site competition or industry and our website difference is very large, in this case, we have to look at the Internet One divides into two. knowledge in Shanghai Longfeng, we should to the method of operation to others in learning and selective absorption, >

as an occupation webmaster, Shanghai dragon is the basic skill we must grasp, especially for a new term, we are faced with too many temptations, for Shanghai dragon in the process of learning all kinds of rhetoric, only this time studying, leading to a lot of theory really operate, but let us greatly disappointed here, the author mainly today and share with you, Shanghai dragon novice to learn how we should study well, we continued into the theme of gossip short, today, Shanghai Longfeng Hu Lun is not the novice to learn but slowly swallowed.

second, be sure to deliberate with his thinking questions before. Many beginners, when first learning Shanghai dragon, the most vulnerable to problems is impetuous, problems first of all do not seriously consider themselves a problem encountered, such as web site right down shout and wrangle, how to do? How long can the website love Shanghai? How to optimize the station? Etc. I believe we have been flattering, I believe that every one may Shanghai Longfeng Commissioner asked this question. We must bring their ideas to ask questions when asking a question, such as web site right down you must first your recent operating method to introduce people ah! How are you going to do when you? At least you have a thought! Ask others to help you to answer with a problem, a lot of one-sided the problems we may answer is very one-sided, right down the website to check the contents and the chain ah, have the effect of the new general three months ah, these answers do you think has the significance and value for the novice


first, you must first find some professional Shanghai dragon books. The Internet is a large, but as a novice in the face of Public opinions are divergent. sometimes doesn’t talk, know exactly who said that is right, the author thinks that Shanghai dragon novice early learning, we must use professional books, it is best to print books, because ideas and arrangements are prepared by the light from the outside to the inside to deep, the knowledge in the book is also very worthy of trust in the process of learning, we must avoid Yimushixing, for knowledge slowly to understand, do not understand the professional words to ask forum or QQ group, for early learning I think do not be afraid of their own learning difficult, any one industry hold the mentality of study will receive good results, understand it is the ultimate goal of knowledge.


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