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Site optimization process the most basic solution

keyword optimization website, what is the website optimization keywords? Is the user to find your site through search in the search engine word, website optimization before to determine your site keywords, website keyword screening is very important, not too vague, how to determine the site to optimize the key words, such as you are Travel Company, now want to optimize their company website, if you write keyword words is not what good rankings unless you bid the other well, as our Travel Company may not go to " travel, travel, travel abroad " etc. these keywords. These keywords are difficult to have the rankings, even if there are forty or fifty outside this keyword is not what help to bring traffic to the site, to optimize must In the top two pages will not say the first page, we give the optimization suggestion is that if you are in Xiamen Travel Company can set the "Xiamen travel, Xiamen Xiamen attractions, tours, attractions of Xiamen" etc. these words can be more competition, not to have no effect on our website optimization in fact, we have a lot of keywords in the search engine optimization does not depend on it, such as "tourism" the key for SMEs is not how to optimize.

recently our business go out and meet with customers, mostly to ask how to optimize a website, a good website is not tight in the construction site design effort, optimize the site later is very necessary, for the optimization is actually a simple and difficult thing, so why the first to say? Say simply is not a very technical optimization work, second is difficult to stick to it. We can’t guarantee what can one another will give you the website optimization bring good rankings but these are necessary to understand the site optimization, optimization is the most basic introductory knowledge, to help more enterprises to complete their website has a good ranking search optimization results, it is said, so do the optimization

to do after we decide the site keywords, is to adjust the web page layout, which is what we call the station optimization, optimization of the station after station optimization plays a great role, before a good website optimization is necessary in the internal arrangement, such as "title. Keywords, description" the basic set is not empty, title is the title of your website is love Shanghai titles in search results, this format can be written as " keyword + site name (company name), " keywords keyword content is above what we say, usually one to 4 for the best description, as the site of the introduction, 120 characters for the best, 1 Chinese characters 2 characters, to highlight the key idea of what the company, the main focus is to introduce key words , set up after this is not free to change, from time to time to change this.

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