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Six tips for precise planning website optimization cycle

at the beginning of the article I mentioned the search engine’s face. The search engine is updated only factors we can’t control, only after the search engine update, we do some measures to make up for the site caused by loss of search engine.

there is an old saying: the enemy can ever victorious. How big is the ability to do things. Do not blindly pursue interests to boast a boast. The last task to finish will lose the wife of another soldier. So it is important for you to recognize their own, their own is the best.

Two, the search engine update

emergencies will have to be taken into consideration. The planning period must be considered comprehensive, if the site was hacked, peer malicious competition and unexpected things, we have to prepare in advance.

to the precise planning of website optimization, we have to give their own site for a general check-up first. This is like to know where uncomfortable to do a physical examination is the same reason. Different sites have different periods. If the weight of general higher start site optimization more easily, so the optimization cycle is short. In turn, thinking is the same reason. If it is a gray industry site, basically can not go.

five, industry competition difficulty


four, to seize the user’s taste

three, recognize their own

six, emergency

, a website


generally speaking, most of the customers are love yourself an optimization cycle. The total came to say that customers can be divided into three categories. One is the eager pursuit of website ranking, its main purpose is to short-term profits, without considering the long-term. The second is to stabilize ranked customers, such customers need to communicate and exchange slowly, long-term planning and design is the best choice for them. There is a customer is what customers want, so customers will slowly guide, because customers don’t understand optimization, we must put the difficulty and the nature of our work slowly guide customers to understand the planning cycle can be convenient.

whether the line just a novice webmaster, or experienced old webmaster. Will be on the website optimization planning cycle feel a headache. Each place is careful to do, for fear that their customers will be lost. The optimization of the job’s fate is not completely in our hands, most of the time we all need to look at the search engine of montana. Today to introduce you to the precise planning cycle of website optimization.

said at the end of competition in the industry because of difficulty in small series, since the site optimization you choose this job, then you pick inside what list has been "99". Can not be blindly into this industry come to website optimization. So the competition difficult to hold their own good, do what.


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