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The application of the 28 law and the long tail theory in Shanghai dragon in marketing

long tail is an American Chris · Anderson. Anderson believes that the Internet age is concerned about the "long tail", "long tail" play benefit time. A famous website is the world’s largest online advertisers, it does not have a big customer, revenue comes entirely from other advertisers ignore the small and medium sized enterprises. The "long tail theory" is the representative of the mining potential customers. No matter what the product will have different needs of the crowd, the long tail is a lot of traffic. If only 20% of the products, the 80% is your loss! As I optimize a station 50% of the traffic from the long tail keywords, and some long tail words tend to be more in line with customer demand, strong purchasing power, high conversion rate of

‘s law is a Italy economist Pareto invention, also known as the rule of 28. According to the rule of 28, 80% of the enterprise income is created by 20% products or customers. Key products and key customers the rule of 28 is represented by enterprises. The "28 rule" in the search engine optimization, we focus attention is required to optimize the popular keywords, which is the core keywords, is the major source of revenue. The 28 rule actually leads us into the Red Sea competition. Because the business income of 80% is composed of 20% products, the 20% key products will inevitably become the object of competition among enterprises, so these popular keywords in the search engine optimization is not so easy to achieve.

hot products is the main source of income, is the Red Sea competition, so the investment will be very high. And the long tail market, even small investment can enter the market, can spend the least money to create wealth. Is the so-called big market, small field. A small market together to form a large market, this is a terrorist, but small market flexibility is simple, easy to manage, this is the long tail of thinking.

The 28 With the rapid spread of

optimization in Chinese Shanghai Longfeng market, about Shanghai dragon has become marketing the topic of concern. Now many enterprises began to expand the network marketing by Shanghai Dragon technology, also began thinking of Shanghai dragon marketing research and debate. The application of the 28 law and the long tail theory in Shanghai dragon in marketing is a key topic.

I personally love to do long tail traffic, little or no competition because competition can reach your goals in a short time. The enterprise must win tomorrow, can not rely on to compete, but to create a "blue ocean", which contains a huge market demand for new space, to embark on the road to growth. This is called the "value innovation" of the strategic actions for the enterprise and the buyer will create value leap, to enable enterprises to completely shake off the competitors, and release the new demands.



in search engine marketing, personally feel that the 28 theory does more harm than good, the long tail theory of comparative advantage. Of course, can not be generalized, the best way is to combine the two. The 28 theory and the long tail.


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