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Web site keywords ranking drop suddenly how do we solve

to prevent cheating, the search engine does not update algorithm. The search engine algorithm change more or less will affect the site’s ranking. "

2, website content

solution: if the site access speed is too slow, whether it is a website program in addition to the problem, if it is to first determine, need to contact the technician to optimize a program. There is a possibility that the server influence of broadband web access speed, need to change the server or increase the broadband to solve.

if the content of the website and the website topic or the correlation is not strong, or not to update the content of the website, or directly copied to other web content, the original degree is not high, will affect the keywords ranking.

keyword density, the number of the chain surge etc..

4. over optimized

1. web site access speed is too slow to


solution: writing the theme of the site make original content, timing quantitative update.

keyword ranking optimization, many Shanghai dragon Er have deep feelings, want to improve rankings too difficult, but once the decline in ranking deadlines quickly, therefore, below we summarize the site keywords ranking drop solution.

if the chain page does not exist, or the original garbage outside the chain, chain, repetitive high degree of the chain, the search engine will not be updated regularly, once found, the chain will delete included. If you remove a large quantity, will affect the keywords ranking.

for the more competitive keywords, peers are optimized in the working methods, and they are doing basic optimization, this fall length, will directly affect the keywords ranking.


5. competition reasons

solution: not limited to a single optimization method, a new algorithm to study search engine and try new ways to Shanghai dragon masters of Er learning experience.


solution: for keyword density, Shanghai dragon Er is proposed between 3%-5% Public opinions are divergent.. The number of the chain that day to steady growth trend, must not be issued today two or three tomorrow, twenty or thirty.

6. search engine update

3. site outside the chain of causes

solution: don’t focus on a website, recommended the chain to widely diversified, an article up to 2-3 places, don’t repeat.


site access speed is one of the most important, if access is too slow, love is not love Shanghai spider come to your website, which has a decisive influence keywords ranking. On the contrary, if the access speed, and the content of attractive spider love on your website.


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