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The website snapshot and quickly restores what represents

two, the content of the websiteWe know that

Shanghai Longfeng data found a website with the webmaster tools in the usual


is anxious to analyze the reasons, to find solutions, the dragon in the afternoon useful Webmaster Tools query again, found a wonderful phenomenon, that is the morning correction of the website snapshot in the afternoon and then back to normal, directly into 2013.7.31, people could not believe. Figure:

Update the influence caused by

today dragon, a snapshot of the site not only in accordance with the expected update, but from the 2013.7.29 correction to 2013.7.19, this is not a good phenomenon for website optimization. Other data so quickly view the Dragon website, found no what major changes that why a snapshot of the site appeared to shift? In most of the webmaster’s impression, website snapshot not only Links bad exchange, to a certain extent, on behalf of a web site has a tendency to drop right. Then the Dragon quickly retreated in the analysis of the reason, the website all is optimized according to the process, there is no big change in the short term, the dragon shaped into a meditation……

, a website space effect

what is the reason causing the site snapshot there is such a big change in one day? Dragon after analyzing the website seriously, confirm the site recently no revision or change, Links normal, website content is updated ceaselessly, the chain increased and everything in good order and well arranged, summarize their own views:

webmaster know if the server is not stable, leading to the site often isn’t open, will not only affect the customer experience leading website jump out rate increases, still lead to a certain extent, spiders crawl the content on the site. Dragon of the site where the server has been in an unstable state, if the search engine spiders crawled out just come to my site to catch up with the server cannot open, the spider cannot from my website to grab any content, this is the spider will give up on my website. Love Shanghai need to give each site a snapshot update on behalf of this website, the spiders crawl to my website content, will be from the previous database selected as a snapshot of my day. Of course, for the site of the spider crawling is not only once a day, if the next time I found the website can crawl into, then it will give a new snapshot, causing the site in the morning and in the afternoon of two different snapshots of the results. Of course, we can see the love Shanghai reaction is so fast, it is not conceivable before.

launched love Shanghai spark plan, strengthen the determination of the content of the website, especially to the original and pseudo original discrimination. Dragon in the detection of its own website recently updated content, that he made a mistake, that is in the No. 29 and No. 30 for two days due to operational errors, continuously updated 2 articles of the same article, the result after an article is not included in the love of Shanghai. >


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