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Opportunistic access to effective methods of original creation

, scanning books, and then turn it into the text, and then use their own intelligence, into their own original (I remember a super B blog, also sent an article about how to convert the picture text of the article, I also tried a few days just fine,

are effective for original method, somewhat opportunistic.. The share of how I will be someone else’s original into his own creation (hereinafter referred to as a), my own is the nature of the share with others articles and praise the method, others that can help people to publicity, if others know you violated his articles, will compromise with you… Hey ~ ~ ~ ~ how to create this? Two I share the commonly used method. You can extrapolate, their flexible use.

4, through the single page (you know, recently a lot of Amoy to do single page, there are a number of people to write their own articles, little publicity out, you can also come to another

love Shanghai know inquiry platform, combined with the GG tool (slightly long tail keywords and the use of original, less than 10 minutes fixed up, and very love Shanghai Qinglai)

first, the love of Shanghai know the keyword


2, through the blog for love Shanghai (which also has a lot of blog, but when you see the concert or hand acquisition software speed)


for example you do the ladies, you know that search inside women, look at the answers, and then in the noble baby also search, find some long tail keywords, and then know the inside contents and noble baby keyword plus your simple description, a homemade article so out (it’s always a good Braun, love Shanghai love, and every collection of pseudo original > better.

platform and noble baby

gets 3, through a personal blog (there are many owners just to get the hobby blog, so you can beat him at his own game, it will be reproduced from the good ranking)

I used to share only a short while ago, how to obtain the original effective method in Q space, SNS circle, then give me the station brought a lot of good rankings, and get the weight in the love Shanghai engine, although this way is extremely, but feel a little light on the privacy of the author himself. Conscience feels a bit wrong.. (because I will post to the network, many pseudo original tools or the acquisition tool soon turn away, every corner and throughout the Internet), but we as a webmaster, it is also eager to love Shanghai without resistance, do not give us a ranking, we will not only write original, full of tricks. All can obtain the original obtaining ranking all the way.

share for original method:

1, SNS and QQ space related articles (these articles are love Shanghai and GG not included in

6 )5, the use of


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